Susan Lucci Turned 76 — As Mom of 2 and Grandma of 5 She Looks Fabulous & Insists That 70 Is the New 40

Susan Lucci is a well-known actress and television host who is committed to staying fit and healthy, with a focus on aging gracefully..

Her portrayal of Erica Kane in the 1970s television series “All My Children” cemented her as a cultural icon, and she continues to radiate in the limelight. Recently turning 76, Lucci is proud of her excellent health and dedication to fitness. She shares two children with her husband, Helmut Huber, who sadly passed away in March 2022. Lucci is also a proud grandmother of five grandchildren.

Lucci attributes her youthful appearance to her beauty routine, her genes, and her daily self-care. She maintains good skincare practices and a rigorous fitness routine, which includes practicing Pilates for over 30 years. She has also changed her food preferences to maintain her body’s health, avoiding sugary and fatty foods. Lucci also revealed that drinking hot water with lemon helps her stay hydrated and avoid excessive caffeine intake.

Lucci emphasizes that beauty is not just about having a flawless complexion; being strong is beautiful, no matter what age you are. She insists on staying active and not slowing down and wants to continue acting for as long as possible. She hopes to return to Broadway in the future.


Lucci wants to age gracefully without resorting to surgery and insists that “70 is the new 40”. She emphasizes how much she loves learning, growing, and constantly pushing herself to try new things. Lucci’s dedication to staying fit and healthy is unwavering, and she plans to keep her body in shape with discipline, giving up some of her favorite treats and paying attention to how much she eats.

Lucci’s commitment to health and wellness has helped her maintain her stunning appearance and unwavering dedication to her career and family. Although she has faced health scares in the past, she remains positive and committed to staying healthy and fit.


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