On “The Carol Burnett Show,” Vicki Lawrence is hilarious as Mama… Watch the video below…

Sketch comedy shows like “The Carol Burnett Show” were very popular in the 1960s and 1970s. In this clip, Vicki Lawrence as Mama in the recurring sketch “The Family” steals the show.

Carol Burnett plays Eunice’s sister, Eurice. Harvey Korman plays Eunice’s husband, Ed, and Vicki Lawrence plays Eunice’s mother, Mama.

The way that these three actors work together on screen is amazing. It’s amazing that even one of them can get through a sketch without breaking.

Vicki Lawrence played Mama on her own syndicated sitcom in later years. At the time, she was only nineteen years old. She was nearly 20 years younger than Carol Burnett, but it worked out.


“The Family: Sorry!” is the name of this skit. Mama is here to see us. At first, Eunice tells Ed how nice her mother has been, which makes her happy. We know there’s a catch as viewers.

From there, things only get worse for poor Eunice. Eunice wants to play a “parlor game,” so she asks Ed and Mama to play “Sorry!” Even though neither of them really wants to, they do it to make Eunice happy. There are insults, rough games, yelling, and hurt feelings. It’s one of the best from “The Family.”


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