Boy asked ‘Why did God create Grandmas?’ – his answer will have you cracking up

If you’re lucky enough to have your grandma around you growing up, you’ll know how special the bond can be between grandparent and grandchild. From the endless treats to the delicious meals they are always there to offer guidance and support.

They offer their wise shoulder to cry on and can laugh with you when you need it most; for some children, there is no greater relationship.

So when a little boy in a karate uniform was asked about his 100-year-old “MamMa,” and why God created her, his response was just adorable. Get ready to say “Awwwww…”

Psychology Today actually touches on the reasons why grandmothers seem to love their grand kids more than than their own kids. According to the article grandmothers are calmer than they were when they were parents. They’ve got through all the worrisome times of parenting, which let’s face it can be ridiculously hard, not to mention exhausting, and get to enjoy fun times with their grandchildren. How could they not be happy and so great to be around?


So when the cameras started rolling and this little guy was asked why God created Grandmas his response was so matter of fact, you can’t help but smile.

You can’t believe he’s so young; he’s so confident in his response and his reasoning is undeniable.

Watch this adorable boy talk about his very special grandma in the video below.


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