Elon Musk Files $60 Million Suit Against Whoopi and The View: “They Never Stop Lying About Me”

Whoopi Goldberg’s nonsense has become old in the eyes of Elon Musk. She has been on a mission to make him appear evil in the public eye since since he made the decision to purchase Twitter.

Musk stated, “I’m over here working to revive free speech in America, all by myself, and there she is calling me names. It’s quite demeaning..

According to Musk, he is not subject to that sort of abuse from Whoopi or anybody else. “I have sufficient funds to sue the entire world. Just concentrating my efforts will result in results.

According to ABC, “The View” is an editorial program and that the network prominently states that the hosts’ opinions are not necessarily shared by the program. Legal expert Alan Dershowitz asserts, “It doesn’t give them the right to lie,” and “Musk is going to clean up.”


Regrettably, when he joined team “Lolita Express,” Dershowitz damaged his reputation among regular people, but it doesn’t make him in error. It just suggests he might have personal matters he wants to temporarily conceal.

Musk says he doesn’t think the lawsuit will result in him receiving that much money, but he does hope for a resolution that “teaches those guys a lesson.”

As usual, The View declined our request for comment, citing the active protective order and requesting that we stay beyond the 500-foot barrier.

It begs the question, Patriots: What are they concealing? What exactly are they concealing? Godspeed to the USA.


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