“I love another woman” A man abandoned his fiancée before his wedding, and years later she became his only caregiver – Story of the Day

Collins leaves his fiancée a few days before the wedding for a slimmer and prettier woman. Unfortunately, his new bride is far from what he expected and he is soon confronted with the harsh truth. He regrets leaving the woman who truly loved him. Collins was already sitting in the café when his fiancée Ava joined him. He chose a window seat and sipped his fragrant coffee, occasionally glancing out the window at the scenery. Ava was late at work and was running late. As she entered the small café, she spotted her fiancé and quickly took a seat with him.

“Hi baby, sorry I’m late,” she muttered, almost panting.

“It’s all right. What would you like to drink?” The lovers had known each other for years. They had grown up together in the suburbs and attended the same primary and secondary school. They had been friends for a long time, but as soon as they left school they both realised that they felt more than just friendship for each other. They started dating and were about to get married. Planning was in full swing and they met to work out the finer details of their celebratory day. Ava was over the moon! At last she would be Mrs Collins, and the thought of it brought a smile to her face.

“I’ll have a coffee and a doughnut,” she told the waiter with a smile on her face. Turning to Collins, she said: “Darling, I think everything is ready. We just have to make one last payment for the venue and then we’re ready for the party. I can’t wait to be your wife!”.

Collins looked at Ava intently before answering, “That won’t be necessary, Ava.” “What do you mean? We have to book the venue or it won’t be available.” “I know, but I’m not getting married.” “I don’t understand…,” Ava said confusedly. “I hate to tell you this to your face, but I found someone else! She’s slimmer and prettier.” Ava looked at him shocked. ” I’m sorry? What do you mean you found someone else? We’re getting married in three days!” “We’re not getting married. I love another woman, Ava,” Collins said. “I met the most beautiful woman and instantly fell in love. She’s younger and even more beautiful!”. Ava cried loudly and couldn’t hear him anymore, even as he continued to talk about how beautiful Rachel was. She worked in a jewelry shop, and Collins had met her when he went to buy engagement rings for Ava and himself.

“How could you, Collins? We’ve been together for years and you want to leave me three days before our wedding?” – she cried. “I’m sorry, but you don’t seem to care about your body. Look at you!” Ava couldn’t take the insults any longer. Enraged, she got up and ran out of the cafe.

A year and a few months had passed, and Ava was still suffering from the betrayal of someone she loved. She never wished the worst for anyone, and when she learned that Collins was marrying Rachel, she knew she would attend the wedding to wish him well. It didn’t go as expected. Ava arrived at the event uninvited and when Collins saw her, he was furious! “What are you doing here? We didn’t invite you!” “Collins, I still love you and I came to wish you a good life.” “You’re pissing me off! Get out!” – he shouted at her and ordered security to throw her out.

A few days after Collins and Rachel said their vows in a magnificent ceremony, they flew off to the Maldives for their honeymoon. Collins was excited to start a new life with the beautiful young woman he had just married and the future looked promising. For her he would do anything, he knew that for sure. When Rachel complained a few months later about the small house, Collins knew he had to do something about it. “Only losers live in a house like this! I don’t want to live with a loser!” – She scolded. This problem was easy to solve. Collins would work harder to earn more money and afford a bigger house. After all, he wanted to give his wife the perfect life and everything she wanted, she would get. Collins was happy. He could not believe that this beautiful woman was his wife. Unfortunately, he began to notice a pattern that made him question her true intentions. One day, after a hard day’s work, Collins found Rachel lying on the sofa. “Hello, little one? How was your day?” – He asked, kissing her on the cheek. “Collins, I’m bored out of my mind! I can’t live like this!”


“Maybe you can get a job to occupy yourself during the day,” he innocently suggested. “A job? A job? I can’t get a job! Do you want me to be tired after work and my beauty to fade?” ” You don’t need to get a very strenuous job, just one that will keep you a little busy,” Collins advised. “I’m not going to get a job. If you worked more, you could afford a better life. I need to travel more!” Collins was shocked but let it pass his lips. But throughout the night Rachel kept nagging him, asking him to fund her trips to the most unusual places. Collins was exhausted from working overtime because of her nagging and trying to provide Rachel with the lifestyle she demanded. He resigned himself to his fate and asked her to pack her bags as he would finance a trip to Europe for her. A few days later he drove her to the airport. It was hard for him to admit it, but he was exhausted. Between all Rachel’s demands and all his work, he had little energy left. After dropping her off at the airport, he went back to his car and drove to work to start his second shift that day. But then something happened that was unimaginable.

Collins woke up in hospital and was bewildered. His last memory was that he was at work. “How did I get here?” – he asked the nurse. “You were brought in unconscious, sir. But you needn’t have worried. You were just a little tired and tense. However, we will have to keep you under observation for a few more days.” He called his wife to give her the news, but she didn’t seem to care. She was having too much fun in Europe, so his concerns were overshadowed. She also didn’t remember that today was his birthday. As soon as he finished talking, he realised that he had married the most selfish woman in the world, and at the expense of the feelings of a woman who really cared about him. As if by magic, Ava called him to wish him a happy birthday, as she did every year. Then she learned that he was in hospital. She rushed to him and Collins couldn’t believe he had missed this wonderful woman. Ava took care of him and visited him every day in the hospital until he was discharged. On his last day, he got down on his knees and begged Ava to forgive him. “I have made the biggest mistake of my life, Ava. I should never have left you. You really are the only woman who can make me happy,” he said, taking her face in his hands. “Will you ever forgive me?” “Yes, of course. All is forgiven. You know I never stopped loving you.” A few days later, after a full recovery, Collins asked Ava out and proposed.

He said he would divorce Rachel and they would get married, as they had intended to do from the start. Then he gave her the most beautiful engagement ring she had ever seen. Ava would finally have the life she had always dreamed of, with Collins. Rachel tried to call Collins and ask for more money, but he just told her he was never coming back and divorced her. Collins and Ava had a beautiful wedding and lived a long and happy life together.


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