Little girl calls 911 to save dad but it’s her hilarious recording that has hearts melting

No parent ever wants to think about their child being caught up in a dangerous situation.The only saving grace in that regard is knowing just how smart and resilient kids can be, particularly when an emergency presents itself..

Kids remember their training and jump into action, and one thing we teach them is how to call for help.One girl saved her dad’s life with that knowledgeFive-year-old Savannah of Indiana ended up saving her dad’s life because she knew how to call 911 when her dad was having chest pains. She remained calm and communicated clearly.She also choked them up with chuckles.

In fact, the recorded 911 phone call ended up going viral.When operator Jason Bonham asked the little girl what was wrong she was able to tell him exactly.“Um… my dad can’t hardly breathe,” she told him.Bonham quickly made sure to dispatch an ambulance to their home.“OK… you need to come reaalll fast!” she told him.He reassured her that they were on the way. Bonham then asked if her dad was still awake and she told him that he was.Bonham asked if the door was unlocked.

She had to ask her dad who said it wasn’t. She then followed Bonham’s instructions to unlock the door so that the emergency responders could enter their home.In the meantime, she made sure to comfort her dad.“Don’t worry Dad!” Savannah said remaining completely composed.Savannah answered every question put to her “Can you ask him [her dad] if this has ever happened before?” he asked.“No, so far so good,” she said. “He’s still awake.
“Hey, ask him if he has any chest pain,” Bonham said.“Do you have any chest pain?” she asked her dad.


“Yes,” she told Bonham. “This is his first time.”Although it’s just an audio recording, it seems like the little girl is staying calm, despite the scary situation.Then, things took a turn for funny-ville.Savanah suddenly became concerned about what she was wearing. She said .“Ok. We’re in our jammies! And I’m in a tank top, so… I’ll have to get dressed,” she told Bonham. “I don’t know what I’m gonna wear, but… he really needs oxygen, real fast. Yes, the door’s unlocked.”Bonham tried to keep the focus on her dad.“Is he still doing OK, Savannah?” he asked.

She told him that he was and that she was going to be in her room to go and get changed. I mean, you can’t be seen in your jammies, right?“Hey Savannah? I want you to stay there with your Daddy, ok?”She agreed and then decided to tell him about another important family member – the dog.“Ok. I got that. And… we have a dog….that’s really… um….. small.”She tells him that Lou their dog is friendly and sometimes barks.” Lou, come on! [clicks at the dog] The ambulance is on the way- come on, Lou Lou! Come here!” Savannah says.In the end, Savannah’s dad was OK, and the little girl was a hero. But this adorable 911 recording has everyone in stitches.


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