Owner of Newsmax Files Lawsuit Against “The View”

Ocala, the mature mecca of central Florida, is hot and dry today with a few scattered clouds that don’t seem sure if they’ll be anything later. They frequently do..

People are pouring into the tiny strip mall right now. Heading inside the camping supply store, likely in search of the fanciest tents to wear this season, is a chubby mom and her vaguely obese daughter. Cheap chocolate-covered cookies are plentiful at the dollar store. Joe Barron arrives in his best Ross casual attire as he drives up.

Trump Flaming Dumpsters, Trump Casinos, Trumpwear, and all of Newsmax’s other divisions are all owned by Barron. He joins me at the Firehouse Subs table and places an order for a large macchiato.

“Sir, there are no waitresses here. You are speaking to nothing.

He waves a hand and says, “Oh. Just do it, young man.

The morning chat show The View on ABC television is the target of a recent lawsuit brought by Barron. I question why.


“The View is a slobbish rubbish program that promotes hate speech and does so at Newsmax’s expense. How are we meant to expose lies when they are constantly refuting them?

Do you think maybe you shouldn’t report rubbish and balloon up small stories like CRT and the green M&M into large features?

He exclaims, “CRT is the BANE OF EXISTENCE!” as children flee in hysterics. “You can’t explain America’s racial history honestly! It’s harmful!

He stands and shoots me square in the shoulder with a little handgun as I prepare to object.

“Florida! Don’t back down! STATEN YOUR VERBAL!

While I carefully dial 911, he is quickly taken away by his car. Definitely going to rain soon.


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