The woman gave food to a homeless man and a day later found out that the beggar was Richard Gere, who had come out to town

Frenchwoman Carine Combeau was walking through the streets of New York when she saw a homeless man who seemed to be looking for food in a rubbish bin. She thoughtlessly bought a pizza and gave it to him. The next day she learned from the newspaper that she had met a Hollywood star.

Carine was walking with her husband and son, they had recently come from Paris on holiday to admire New York. She saw a homeless man in Manhattan and felt sorry for the man who cannot afford to simply enjoy the sight of the beautiful city — the beauty of the skyscrapers somewhat pales in comparison to the search for food.

The French woman gave the man the pizza and could not even explain herself, because she did not speak English very well. She simply said that the pizza was a bit cold.


«Thank you very much, you’ve been very helpful,» I think he said something like that, Carine later recalled.

A day later, the Frenchwoman was shown a newspaper with a front-page picture of her with that man. In fact, it was Richard Gere, he was not out of character for the film “Time Out of Mind” and decided to walk around town in his film aapmlua.

Carine and her family walked into this part of town by chance; they didn’t know that a movie was being filmed nearby. The story turned out to be a curious one and Gere himself later confessed to journalists that the woman’s kindness had a serious effect on him.


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