Tom Cruise had not seen his daughter for 6 years and the reason is surprising…

After allegations made by the media that he had deserted his daughter, he filed a lawsuit against a number of journalists for publishing incorrect information..

Due to the fact that Tom Cruise and his daughter Suri live in New York City with Suri’s mother, the two of them are only seldom seen together in public. Suri is Tom Cruise’s daughter.

Suri, who just turned 16, has a strong and loving relationship with her mother, who acts as her primary caregiver, despite the accusations that her relationship with her father is problematic.

Suri’s mother serves as her primary caretaker. Suri just celebrated her 16th birthday recently.

Despite the fact that Holmes and Tom began dating in 2005 and made their relationship public when they were touring Italy together, this does not change the fact that they are currently engaged.

The wedding took place on November 18, 2006, for the pair. She, like all the other girls, had fantasized about marrying Tom, and when she finally did meet him, her hopes were finally realized.

They had been dating for two months before they decided to become engaged, and on the same day they did so, they made the announcement that they were going to get married.

They first revealed that they were engaged, and then they shared the news that they were going to be parents.

Suri Cruise, the daughter of Tom and Katie Cruise, is the subject of considerable conversation. Suri will turn 16 years old in April of 2022.

Some fans were taken aback in 2012 when Holmes and Tom announced that they were ending their relationship.

During the years leading up to their separation, Tom maintained an active presence in Suri’s life.

He was not the type of father who held the belief that showering their children with excessive amounts of love could lead to the children being spoiled.


The actor was aware that it could be difficult to display an excessive amount of devotion to a child.

Tom yearned for a profound connection to develop between Suri and the children he had adopted as a result of his relationship with Nicole Kidman. In the actor’s own words, he elaborated as follows:

“That I would never promise my children something that I wouldn’t be able to deliver on,” I constantly reminded myself.

“That my children could always trust on me. That I would always be there for them. That I would love them.”

He cherished the bond he shared with his daughter, and as the two of them became closer, she was overjoyed at the opportunity to accompany him on his travels.

Three years after their divorce, the actor filed a lawsuit against two magazines published in the United States, alleging that he “abandoned” his daughter Suri and that he had not seen her for an incredible 801 days.

Tom and Suri were going through a rough patch at the time because an ex-Scientologist named Samantha Domingo said that Tom hadn’t seen Suri in six years since the actress wasn’t a dedicated member of the church. This caused the couple to be in a difficult situation.

Despite the fact that they hadn’t talked on the phone in months and hadn’t seen each other in person, Tom claimed throughout the custody battle that he didn’t need to protect his daughter from his personal convictions.

This was despite the fact that they hadn’t spoken on the phone in months and hadn’t seen each other in person.


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