When a man brings his pregnant ex-girlfriend home, his wife tells him, «It’s her or me.» What happened next

Would you ignore a distressed loved one? Would you help them even if it meant ruining your marriage?

Joseph, 32, met Maria, his ex-girlfriend, on the metro. Her dark under-eye circles and resting on a soiled blanket on the floor indicated she didn’t get enough sleep..

She and her stomach captivated Joe. He assumed she was about to give birth. Why is she here? She left him to better herself. After cheating on Joe with his best friend, Maria left him for a better life years ago. After being crushed, Joe took a long time to recuperate and even longer to love.

Joe thought he married Katie ended it. Maria wasn’t missed. Nevertheless, seeing her on the subway changed him. He saw something wrong in her soul. Maria was awakened by a large group walking by. What happened, no? She whispered but found only passersby.

Joe asked, “Hey, are you okay?”

Mary embraced her growing baby as she heard his voice. Joe. You. Disbelief.

Maria, be honest. Why? Why are you here?

She blinkingly said: Nowhere to go. Expelled. He didn’t want to parent. He claimed unpreparedness. When happened this? Unknown Ron, She bemoaned two months. I slept at a motel till I ran out of money. I need work fast. «Come with me.» Stay with me.

«Joe, you can’t make this decision alone,» she said, examining his wedding ring. Her name? Kids?

«Kathy… Beautiful. She’s sensitive and like you. She’ll get it.


Not yet. Train arrives in two minutes. Leave?

Maria and Joe arrive at Joe’s front door after the train excursion before they can blink. Kathy was shocked to see him with his pregnant ex when she opened the door expecting her husband.

Joe, why’s she here? She inquired. Kindly notify me if she is at the wrong address.

“Maria is staying with us for a few days,” Joe replied. Ron evicted her. She has no home.

NO, said Kathy. Joe, she’s leaving. She belongs nowhere. You or her, Joe? Kathy asked. Choose. If she enters, I’m out.

As her husband paused, Kathy felt her world collapse. Years of infertility treatments failed her and Joe. Maria’s pregnancy made Joe adore her? Was her marriage in trouble?

I’ll take her to the hotel and leave. Joseph remarked, “I could be late,” and left. Kathy cried all night in their room. She regretted Maria. Maria was in trouble, but her broken heart prevented her from helping. Her marriage may suffer.


Kathy met Pastor Richard at church the next day. She always sought his advice.

“Papa, what should I do?” she said after rejecting Maria.

Little one, must you forgive her? He questioned her. Help him?


«I do. Her presence worries me that my hubby may grow distant. We can’t get pregnant.

Pastor Richard told the child to “faith in the Lord.” He shows mercy. Support her and trust your hubby. Regardless of this woman, your unfaithful spouse will leave you. Kathy apologized to Joe after he arrived home from work after thinking about it. She told him she wanted to comfort Maria and help.

Joe said, “Honey, don’t worry about this.”

Joe, it’s not that. Really awful feelings. We must help her. She needs us immediately. What would I do? I’m unsatisfied. Joe held her. «Thanks, dear. Much obliged.

Therefore, Joe and Kathy supported Maria during her final weeks of pregnancy, and soon their home was filled with the sounds of a beautiful baby boy.

Kathy rocked the baby without realizing it was not hers. She felt maternal just holding him. She offers to watch the youngster while Maria finishes school.

“You have to do it for your son,” she told Maria. He deserves a loving home. Joe and I will help you temporarily.

Maria returned to medical school a year after taking time off for Ron. A prestigious hospital employed her. Finding an apartment for herself and her child helped her get her life back on track.

Joe called her with wonderful news. Joe said, “Twins.” Kathy and I are having twins. Returning from the doctor. Maria congratulated the winner. Congratulations! Kathy needs me now. Wow!

Joe and Kathy had two children after years of unsuccessful reproductive treatments thanks to their passion to help others.


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