When the girl said she would sing a Celine Dion song, Simon chuckled and mocked; moments later, he ate the hat.

When you think talent showcases can’t get any more surprising, Celine turns up and leaves everyone in awe. Céline is a 9-year-old girl who was given the name Céline by her parents in honor of their beloved artist, Céline Dion.

But Celine’s parents couldn’t have known that they might have had the next Celine Dion in the making. One of the most well-known tracks ever is the “Titanic” theme tune, My Heart Will Go On..

Many have attempted to perform this timeless melody like Celine Dion, but very few have been able to match her charm. Therefore, the judges were somewhat dubious when 9-year-old Celine ascended the stage at America’s Got Talent and declared that she would be departing My Hear Will Go On. Celine revealed to the judges that her parents named her Celine and her sister Dion because they loved Celine Dion. Simon smiled as the young girl described how her father was touched and astonished when he heard her croon My Heart Will Go On for the first time. You’ll have to watch the footage to see for yourself, but when the young girl opened her lips Simon was forced to eat the hat. We enjoyed hearing Celine’s humorous account of her family’s connection to Celine Dion’s songs. The young lady has an amazing voice that is both wild and confident.



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