LOL: Don Lemon, Joy Behar Get Rippeᴅ to Shreᴅs by Sharon Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne, the former co-host of “The Talk” and wife of rock star Ozzy Osbourne, recently criticized Don Lemon and Joy Behar in an interview for the Fox News docuseries “Sharon Osbourne: To Hell and Back.” She accused Lemon of not seeking her side of the story before lambasting her on race following her termination from “The Talk.” Osbourne had been fired after standing up for Piers Morgan, who had been accused of rac!sm.

Osbourne had previously been a fan of Lemon, having enjoyed his work on the New Year’s Eve show. However, his behavior in this instance changed her opinion of him. She criticized Lemon for not doing his job and getting both sides of the story before reporting. Osbourne also shared an anecdote about Behar insulting her wedding ring at a social function.

Osbourne expressed disdain for cancel culture and how CBS denied responsibility for her f!ring. Behar still has a job on “The View,” while Lemon was recently demoted by CNN, which aims to return to real news instead of opinions from talking heads.


During an argument with Scott Jennings about whether former president Donald Trump and his supporters are “semi-fascists,” Lemon went on a rant, criticizing Republicans for making excuses for Trump’s behavior while he was in office. He also accused them of being hysterical about one statement from President Joe Biden, while ignoring Trump’s behavior throughout his term.

CNN host Don Lemon argued with guest Scott Jennings, stating that Republicans who defended former President Trump’s behavior during his time in office have a lot to answer for. Lemon accused Trump of making derogatory comments about various individuals and groups on a daily basis, including other presidents and members of his own party.

He then criticized Republicans for expressing outrage over one statement made by current President Biden, when they had previously excused Trump’s wrongdoings. Shortly after the interview, CNN removed Lemon from its prime time lineup, which has been trailing behind Fox News Channel.


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