Update: Tim Allen Commits to Seven Episodes With Roseanne: “She’s Cutting Edge”

Roseanne Barr’s Comeback: Tim Allen to Guest Star on “Raising the Barr”

Roseanne Barr is making a big comeback, and she’s showing gratitude to those who supported her along the way. While “The Conners” crew and cast may never work again, Barr’s good friend Tim Allen is set to guest star on her new show “Raising the Barr.”

In the past, Allen used to film “Home Improvement” on the same soundstage as “Roseanne” in Des Moines.

According to Allen, he’s excited to be part of Barr’s return to the entertainment industry, and he feels fortunate to be on her good side.

With Barr’s current influence in Hollywood, whoever is on top of the news cycle holds the most cards for at least a few weeks, and that short time span can make or break a person’s career.


Although Barr has her supporters, not everyone is happy with her return. The family of the child actor who played Mark in the original “Roseanne” series is suing the network for $500 million and a formal apology, claiming it was disrespectful to lose Barr’s character, which is how the actor who played Mark passed away.

The production of “Raising the Barr” is set to start filming in the fall.


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