When his mother’s favorite song began to play, he took her hand in his – now watch the dance that swept the Internet by storm.

Most of us will experience sleep issues at some point in our lives, but how we cope with them is crucial. Some individuals read, some listen to music, while yet others take drugs when things become tough.

But one woman and her son have discovered a far better approach to combat insomnia, and they have made millions of people happy with it.

Lance began dancing with his mother Lucy as soon as he could walk, and she undoubtedly passed on her dance to him. So when Lucy said that she wasn’t tired one night, Lance knew precisely what to do to help her sleep

Lance, now a husband with two children, was ready to take his darling mother’s hand in his and start dancing as Megan Traynor’s son “Dear Husband” began to play. Lance’s kid applauded from the sidelines while the rest of the family captured the adorable event on camera.


They not only dance well, but their facial expressions are equally interesting. Lucy turns to the camera halfway through the song and explains that’s what happens to individuals who can’t sleep in Louisiana.

Within minutes of its release, the film had been seen millions of times and shared by tens of thousands of individuals. Lucy clearly enjoys dancing with her son, and Lance enjoys collaborating with her.

At the end of the dance, Lucy says something that causes the entire family to burst out laughing, and Lance collapses on the floor because he can’t stop laughing. These two have a lot of fun together!

In the video below, you can see a nice moment between a mother and her son:


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