Alain Delon and Mireille Dark fell in love but were unable to have a kid because their union was prevented… What happened to them surprised everyone…

Mireille Darc died in 2017 at the age of 79. The well-known actress of her time lived with Alain Delon for a few years.

Even though they were together for a long time, they never had children. Pay attention to their relationship.

Even though they were no longer married, Alain Delon and Mireille Darc stayed close until the actress died.

After his disappearance, the actor said that he was sad to have lost the person with whom he had shared a part of his life for all time.

Alain Delon became famous for his famous marriage to the beautiful Mireille Darc many years ago.

Henry-Jean Servat says that, despite what most people think, the two performers did not meet on a plane or even in a restaurant.

In fact, in the spring of 1968, the late actress and Anthony Delon’s father fell in love.

In that year, Mireille Darc got a telegram from Alain Delon, who she had never met, while she and Tony Curtis were filming “Inflated to Block.” In his last statement, he said he would “give her the role of his life.”

When the actress got this message, she called Alain Delon’s number right away. She calls the actor and asks him to meet with her to talk about the project and bring her the screenplay.

So, this is how their dream began to come true.

The 80-year-old was friends with Romy Schneider and lived with Brigitte Bardot. While he was still married to Nathalie, he talked on the phone with Mireille Darc every night.

They told each other things all the time, and eventually they started to like each other.

After that, they started dating, but they kept their secret until they got married.

Alain Delon and his ex-fiancée had a picture-perfect relationship, but they broke up because the actor wanted to be a father. In fact, Mireille Darc’s inability to have children made the two lovers break up.

In the movie “Tea or Coffee,” the actor made a big deal about this subject. Alain thought this was a hard time because he had to make a choice.

In reality, the doctors have told her that Mireille may die if she gets pregnant because she has a heart condition.

He put the actress’s safety ahead of his own because he didn’t want her to put her life in danger.

We broke up because he said, “I couldn’t ask a woman to give me a child that would die in the next hour.”

After they broke up, Mireille Darc just thought to herself that it might have been for the best because Alain Delon “needed to make a living.”

The actress didn’t really regret this choice because seeing her ex-girlfriend happy with her kids was enough to make her happy.


Even though Alain Delon and Mireille Darc got divorced and started new lives with other people, they have always been very close.

The actress is often seen in public with her ex-boyfriend, even if all they do is talk about how much they love each other.

A few days after Alain Delon went missing, Pascal Desprez, who had been married to the late actress until she died, talked about them.

Even though it seems like it, the widower of the actress has nothing bad to say about her ex-husband. Pascal said he and his wife had a lot of trust in each other and that he had “never even looked” at his phone or emails.

Pascal Desprez didn’t try to hide how sad he was that someone he loved so much had died. He told Gala that he was “lost” and that missing his girlfriend was “an agony every moment.”

“At first, you tell yourself she’ll come back. Then, one day, you hear about the disappearance. He said, “It’s terrible there.”

Thanks to the help of a lot of people, including Alain Delon, who was by his side at the funeral of the actor from “The Ice Breasts,” the husband of the dead woman was able to get through it.

Records show that Mireille Darc died on August 28, 2017. Alain Delon was one of the people who was most affected by his death, which made many people sad.

Because of this, the actor’s reaction to Paris Match’s death two days after she went missing was very sad.

The person who used to date Nathalie Delon said that Mireille Darc “deserved so much to live” while crying because he was sad that the actress had died.

This was the third time that the actor had lost a woman he cared about, after Simone Signoret and Romy Schneider.

“I won’t have a lot of time to miss her and suffer,” he said. At least she is no longer in pain. She sleeps. He said, “I can leave, too, without her.”

Before he met Mireille Darc, Alain Delon was in love with Romy Schneider. When they met while making a movie, they fell in love.

Even so, after five years of dating, they decided to end everything. Find out why the two actors decided to leave their perfect life.


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