Her husband turns up on a boy’s doorstep the following day after a boy with a limp helps her to board the bus with her strollers…

Robert wailed as he watched his classmates play basketball. He regretted it since he wanted to be a famous athlete. He wanted to compete in every school competition, but no one noticed..

Many thought he could only watch with a prosthetic leg. Robert’s leg was born deformed. This necessitated leg amputation.

While he cried, he hoped the players would let him play. They thought Robert would lose if he played for them.

Robert congratulated the game winners after gym class. He took his suitcase and crutch and slowly walked to the nearest bus stop..

after five minutes. Robert waited till the other passengers boarded to avoid being called a straggler. Though he wasn’t insecure, he hated when people talked about him behind his back.

He took the wheelchair seat. Robert was the selected passenger because the driver and conductor knew him. Consistent.

Robert’s mother Rebecca knew the driver. He understood her struggles as a single mother after Harry, her beloved ex-husband, left her.

Five years ago, Robert and his mother Rebecca lived differently. Harry, Robert’s father, lived there. Harry was his son’s hero.

Robert liked saying, “My dad is my hero!”

He loved playing basketball with his father on their small front court. Robert dreamed of playing basketball for many people after that.

Peace and gladness prevailed. The family made do. After being promoted and moved abroad, Harry’s family involvement diminished. He ignored his marriage and 7-year-old son when he fell in love with another lady.

Harry told Rebecca about his affair. He broke her heart and divorced her.

Robert’s father’s death ruined his childhood. For his mother, he kept his cool.

Attend class and study hard. She always told Robert, «Don’t allow anything stop you from achieving your dreams». These comments kept him going.

Robert had not seen his father in five years. Harry only spoke to his child through child support. His married girlfriend had two children.

Harry crafted a fairy tale existence for his new family, but he left behind his ex-wife and son, who loved him.

Robert awoke when the bus hit a speed bump. The last passenger at the next station was a woman. Her stroller-bound baby slept.

When she pushed her stroller, Robert looked for help to lift her into the bus. Most male passengers pretended not to notice. The boy approached her without hesitation.

«Miss, take the other side, carefully…gently…» he said, dragging the stroller inside. The driver helped him get the stroller inside quickly.

Much appreciated. She smiled. Robert hobbled to his chair, but she didn’t know until she saw him. He stood as she brought the stroller closer. “Would you like to sit down, Miss?” Still a little. Sit.


The boy’s thoughtfulness inspired Sandra to identify herself. She asked him, “Do you like playing basketball?” after seeing a small basketball keychain on his backpack zipper.

Robert exclaimed:

I love basketball. I want collegiate play. Dad and I played daily. Once he went, I have no coach.

He left? Sandra fretted.

Robert groaned. She knew about his parents’ divorce and his school basketball troubles.

«My spouse was a basketball player,» Sandra said. When the bus stopped, Robert stepped up to help her, but she smiled and declined.

I’m free, honey. My mother-in-law waits at the station. Much appreciated. Said.

Robert waved goodbye before leaving for home.

Robert’s Saturday school was closed. Watching NBA games on his mother’s laptop, the doorbell rang. Robert opened his door to find a tall, powerful man carrying a basketball on his porch.

Robert gasped, “Sir, how may I aid you?”

The man grinned and gave Robert the ball, baggy shorts, and a jersey.

Champ, practice. I’ll teach. Do you want to play in the state match?

Robert cried in disbelief. Jacob—husband—was Sandra’s revealed. He played basketball and was a veteran. Sandra had named Robert, and they had found his school address the day before.

Jacob trained Robert three times a week for six months. He taught the youngster new ball-control and speed techniques. Jacob coached and inspired Robert to overcome every challenge.

Winners are made. He often said, «We produce them.

Six months after a school test game, Robert was selected for the interscholastic competition. Boys who avoided him owing to his illness joined him.

They cheered Robert’s perfect field goals. Because of his team value, they all wanted to be his friends.

Robert represented his school in an interschool competition a few months later. Harry, his father, attended after learning about his sports accomplishment.

He regretted neglecting Robert. Harry consoled him after his success and expressed contrition.

Robert ceased missing his father after that. Harry often accompanied Robert to competitions.

Robert remained loyal to Sandra and Jacob despite his fame and friendship. He never forgot his guardian angels who led him from darkness to light.


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