The judges started to cry after listening to this kid’s voice… But what happened next surprised everyone…

It is possible that you will be startled to find out how talented certain children can be..

How many amazing stories have been recounted to us about young actors and performers who, despite lacking the necessary education, experience, or training, perform in theater and movies, create images, dance, and sing, among other things?

The young and talented star of today’s video is just 13 years old, but because to her breathtaking performance of the song, she was able to win over the panel of judges at a well-known talent event.

The show left me completely stunned. The name of the young lady is,


Laura has arrived for the broadcast of “The Voice” geared at children. She performed the iconic Whitney Houston ballad “I will always love you,” which she sang.

A song that was so meaningful, emotional, and “adult” appeared to be improper for such a young child, but Laura demonstrated that this was not the case.

There have now been more than 130,000,000 views of the video of her performance.

This is currently the definitive benchmark established by the official channel for the show on YouTube.

Check out the video below!


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