Photo from Marlo Thomas’ “Adorable” and “Nostalgic” First Date with Husband Phil Donahue…

It was obvious even while Marlo Thomas was still a small girl that she was destined for big things in the future. She was reared in Beverly Hills, California, after she was born on November 21st, 1937 in the city of Detroit, Michigan. She is the oldest child of Rose Marie Casaniti and comedian Danny Thomas, as well as the oldest sister to Terre and the oldest brother to producer Tony Thomas. Her mother is Rose Marie Casaniti, and her father is Danny Thomas. Her birth certificate lists her name as Margaret Julia, however she was more often referred to as Margo by her family. She was recognized as Marlo Thomas after some time had passed, as well as some mispronunciation difficulties that occurred along the road.

Thomas first attended college with the intention of becoming a teacher; nevertheless, she discovered that she had a strong love for the arts, and it was obvious that she has the abilities necessary to make her ambitions come true. These days, Thomas is most recognized for her work in the entertainment industry as an actor, producer, and author. She even utilizes her platform for the good of others, and as a result of the work she does as a social activist, she has gained a growing amount of popularity.

Thomas originally shot to prominence with the television comedy “That Girl,” which ran from 1966 to 1971 and was shown on NBC. Following that, she appeared in the children’s television series “Free to Be… You and Me.” Since that time, Thomas has been presented with a number of accolades and distinctions, and in 2014, she was presented with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Additionally, she has continued to serve as the national outreach director for St. Jude’s Research Hospital, which was first established by her father.

Thomas has been able to maintain a loving and fruitful relationship with her husband of many years, Phil Donahue, despite all of the challenges they have faced together. They have been married since 1980, yet they still like going on romantic outings together and finding new ways to express their love for one another.

During the course of her lengthy and increasingly successful career, Thomas has amassed a significant number of achievements of which she may be justifiably proud. In addition to that, she has shown that she has a kind spirit and does all she can to assist others who are less fortunate. Her spouse has been there for her with his love and support through all that has happened.

Donahue was an innovator in the field of television production. His role as the founder and presenter of “The Phil Donahue Show,” commonly referred to simply as “Donahue,” is what brought him the most notoriety. This talk show format was the first of its kind to involve input from the audience. Since since, it has served as motivation for a great number of daytime TV chat programs that follow a pattern quite similar to its own.

Thomas and Donahue were introduced to one another for the first time in 1977, when Thomas appeared as a guest on Donahue’s talk program. According to what Thomas said with ABC 7 in June 2021, “I went on his show, and that was the end of story, as they say.” The pair eventually wed on May 21, 1980, after falling in love with one another. After thereafter, Thomas took on the role of a stepmother to all five of Donahue’s children from his previous marriage.

“I’d never been married before, didn’t want to get married, and here I was getting married to a man who had custody of his four sons,” Thomas recalled. “I had no idea what I was getting myself into.” “I moved in with four teenagers, while he let his daughter continue living with her mother.”

Despite this, it was obvious that Thomas and Donahue had a wonderful connection, one they continue to have to this day despite the fact that they are still experiencing the highs and lows of married life. “This is the safest place I can be; he is going to be my everything – my cushion of life,” Thomas added. “He is going to be my everything – my cushion of life.”

It is simple to see why many celebrity relationships don’t go the distance with all of the demands that come along with living a life that is always in the public view. However, Thomas and Donahue have been able to find a balance between their lives, their love for one another, and their popularity, and their relationship is still flourishing after more than forty years of being together.

Thomas told the Huffington Post that the fact that she is a good listener is one of the primary reasons why her marriage has survived for such a long time. She said that the two of them had developed a better level of closeness because to the fact that she leans in and listens to her spouse. This has contributed to the general health of their marriage. In an interview with Closer Weekly, Donahue said, “we’re in love, and we listen to each other, I just think it gets better.” She also believes that the secret to their long-lasting love is keeping an open ear.

Thomas also pointed to Donahue’s encouragement of her professional endeavors as one of the reasons why the couple has been married for such a long time. Donahue would rather just appreciate her work and be there to cheer her on in anything that she does, whet her it be on television or on stage. This is her preferred approach. Because of how much support he gives her, Thomas has even joked that her husband is her “stage-door Johnny” to Today. This is due to the fact that he is always there for her.


It is obvious that Thomas is her husband’s biggest admirer since she posts images of them together on her Instagram account on a daily basis. Thomas lavished nothing but praise on her husband in a caption accompanying a photo of the couple celebrating their wedding anniversary with a supper in front of the ocean in 2016. The caption read:

“Take a look at that vista, and I’m not just referring to Phil here! What a breathtakingly beautiful location. We have found that being in close proximity to one other and the sea brings out the best in each of us.

On Valentine’s Day in 2022, she uploaded a flashback photo of them during their wedding and captioned it with the phrase “How lucky it is to find your lifetime Valentine.”

Back in March of 2020, Thomas gave an interview to AARP in which she discussed the factors that have contributed to the continued happiness of her marriage to Donahue. She added that after hearing about some friends of theirs who were going through a divorce, she and Donahue were determined to fully understanding what has made their marriage so good. This came about as a result of hearing about some friends of theirs who were going through a divorce.

“And that’s when we decided to break an ironclad rule of our marriage – for the first time ever – and work on a project together,” Thomas stated. “And that was when we decided to break an ironclad rule of our marriage.” “We’d write a book – one that pulled together the personal stories of many devoted couples – and uncover some of the mystery of marriage in a way that could be a source of information and inspiration for other couples, from newlyweds to long-married couples like us,” they said. “We’d write a book that pulled together the personal stories of many devoted couples.”

The well-known book in question is titled “What Makes a Marriage Last,” and it went on to become a bestseller on The New York Times. Thomas walked the audience through the steps necessary to accomplish “the most challenging, invigorating, inspiring, infuriating, thrilling, terrifying, delightful, and heavenly job on earth” (making a marriage work and making a marriage endure), which in his words is “the most challenging job on earth.”

The successful pair collaborated on projects together on more than one occasion. They have a podcast that is now called “Double Date,” and on it, they talk to famous couples about all facets of their relationships, from the enjoyable moments to the more challenging times. Forbes cites the celebrity pairings of Viola Davis and Julius Tennon, Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka, and Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos as examples of some of these renowned couples that have previously existed.

We are certain of something, having been together for almost 40 years now. We are thankful that Thomas and Donahue are willing to provide some of the keys to a love that lasts forever to the rest of the world since they are in possession of all the answers.

Because to the power of social media, Thomas and Donahue have been able to continue giving the world a look into their love and connection with one another. Thomas and Donahue are living proof that there is no such thing as a couple that is more in love than they are, just when you thought it was impossible. Despite the fact that they are both in their late 80s, the couple often behaves more like a pair of young adults. This is especially true when they go out on dates since they are so cute together.

Throwback picture of Thomas and Donahue from 2009 that was shared on social media in June 2022 by Thomas. While Thomas and Donahue smiled for the camera, Donahue commented on how gently Thomas was holding onto her. with the following year, in August of 2022, Thomas commemorated global picture day by publishing yet another photo of herself with Donahue. In the caption, she wrote the following:

“There are certain photographs that always bring a smile to my face whenever I think back to the day they were shot. This picture of Phil and I riding a Vespa in Rome never fails to put a grin on my face.

The following month, Thomas published a picture that she and Donahue were enjoying the launch of Inspiration4 and looking quite lovely together. The actress revealed that it was part of a fundraising initiative to support St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Thomas made another appearance on social media in December 2021 in order to demonstrate to her followers how adorable she and her husband looked together. Thomas shared a picture of the couple from one of their earlier dates next to a photo of them from one of their more recent dates on his Instagram account in order to celebrate the 87th birthday of Donahue. They seemed to be as over over heels in love as ever!

This is what Thomas captioned the post:

Today is the 87th birthday of Phil! Best wishes for the day, my darling! Just as cute as when we went on our first date together, and definitely something to make a toast to! I adore you, Margaretta.”

We have no choice but to hold out hope that these two will proceed to show their love to the rest of the world.


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