The World’s Largest Pyramid Is Hidden Under A Mountain In North America

When you hear the term “pyramid,” you presumably think of the renowned Egyptian pyramids, right? When you hear the term “pyramid,” you presumably think of the renowned Egyptian pyramids, right? So do the majority of individuals. However, you may be astonished to hear that they are not the world’s biggest. You probably didn’t see that one coming. The world’s biggest pyramid is considerably closer to home than you would imagine. It is, in fact, in North America. Can you figure out where?

If you guessed Mexico, you would be completely accurate. My father and his brown pride will be pleased to learn that the world’s biggest pyramid, The Great Pyramid of Cholula, is just a 2-3 hour ride outside his homeland of Mexico City, in the city of Puebla (and yes, that’s where the hot sauce originates from). The massive edifice is the remains of an old Aztec temple.

The Great Pyramid of Cholula is 216 feet tall, with a base area of more than 200,000 square feet – four times the size of the Great Pyramid’s foundation in Giza, Egypt! To put it into perspective, the Business Insider video compared it to Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps becoming bored of swimming around it. So, how come we’ve never heard about the world’s biggest pyramid until now? Aside from years of indigenous erasing, the Great Pyramid of Cholula is really a mud-built building.


With the passage of time, grass and other plants took over, and the pyramid was transformed into a massive grassy hill. In reality, when the Spanish explorers arrived in the new world in the 1500s, they didn’t understand it was a genuine building and instead constructed a chapel on top of the “hill.” One of the reasons the edifice still remains today is because of this.

Because it was disguised, the Spanish, who were notorious for destroying things in the New World, were ignorant of its presence and hence did not demolish it like they did many other religious buildings in the vicinity. The Great Pyramid of Cholula, in reality, remained undiscovered for hundreds of years until it was unearthed by villagers in 1910. Visitors may now view sections of the structure’s excavated passageways.

There is also an on-site museum where visitors may learn more about the ancient marvel and its designers. My father is already collecting his belongings to go to Mexico for a family holiday. Papi, I’ll see you there! What are your thoughts on the world’s biggest pyramid? Would you pay it a visit? Have you seen it yet? Please let us know!


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