Carrie Underwood Was Virgin until Wedding at 27 – ‘Heard’ by God after Baby Loss She’s Now Mom of 2 on Quiet Farm

Carrie Underwood is a successful singer-songwriter who has always been faithful to her principles. One of these was to save herself until marriage. Three years after making the vow, she married Mike Fisher at age 27. They have been through hell and high water but now live in marital bliss with their two children.

Faith has always been a big part of Carrie Underwood’s life since she grew up in a conservative Christian household. Her family members were devout Christians who went to church not just to learn more about God and pray but also to have a sense of community.

Underwood’s upbringing and beliefs significantly influenced many of her life choices, including saving herself for marriage.

In 2007, the “Jesus Take the Wheel” singer revealed she planned to remain chaste and abstain from sexual intercourse until her wedding night. Fortunately, it only took a few years before she tied the knot with Mike Fisher.

Admittedly, Underwood could have been better around guys and found difficulty finding a partner after her relationship with her college sweetheart, Drake Clark.

It wasn’t until three months later that they physically reconnected. The pair had their first date on New Year’s Eve 2008, the same day they shared their first kiss.
She did, however, date a few men while building her career, including Tony Romo and Chace Crawford, but nothing came close to the love she experienced with Fisher.


Underwood and Fisher met through a blind date set by the singer’s bassist, Mark Childers. At that time, Fisher played in the National Hockey League in Canada while Underwood resided in Tennessee. Their ultimate fate, should the blind date work, was to have a long-distance relationship.

While the singer was initially skeptical about the setup, she couldn’t deny the chemistry they had after meeting backstage during one of her shows. Although miles apart, they remained close at heart through regular phone calls and messages.

Fisher was furthering his NHL career in Canada, growing into a big star in the ports industry, while Underwood was touring the world and creating new music…CONTINUE READING


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