Julie Newmar Stuns at 89 – She Still Lives with Son with Down Syndrome after He Taught Her ‘Unconditional Love’

The sizzling Catwoman of the 1960s, a sex symbol back then, still flaunts her slim figure and long legs. Julie Newmar studied piano and became a dancer before landing her iconic role in the “Batman” TV series.

Before becoming a Hollywood star, Newmar had mesmerized the Broadway audience with her stellar performances in “Silk Stockings” and “Li’l Abner.”

After watching Christopher Nolan’s version of the Batman films, the original sizzling Catwoman expressed her concerns:

“I think we had so much fun in the ’60s, 1966 to 1968. And then Vietnam came, and things sort of got darker and darker and darker.”

Julie Newmar poses barefoot in 1969 | Source: Getty Images

Besides playing the alluring role of Catwoman in the Batman series, dressed in a skinny black costume that highlighted her perfect figure, Newmar also acted in other movies.

“I am blessed with gifts of sexiness and humor,” Newmar says about herself. She appeared in “Oblivion, “Star Trek,” “Bewitched,” and other films that her fans loved.

Newmar has enjoyed her fame and takes pride in playing Sultry roles. In 2015, she left her fans stunned with her performance in San Fransisco, where she was seen wearing a sexy catsuit. She said:


“I did the fan dance seated on a throne. Very naughty.”

The “Nudity Required” actress has enjoyed a glamorous life but has seen some tough times in her personal life.

Julie Newmar Reveals the Love Taught to Her by Her Son after 3 Miscarriages
While Newmar’s fans saw her reach new heights of fame, she faced a few problems in her life. The actress revealed that she had three miscarriages before finally giving birth to her son, who she spends time with now.

Newmar learned that her son, John Jewl Smith, who made her a mother at 48, was born with Down syndrome. Raising her beloved baby made her taught her things that she never knew before.

“He is my teacher,” the loving mother confessed after raising her son. “From him, I get and give unconditional love.”…CONTINUE READING


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