‘That’ll Be Next Year’: Len Goodman’s Eerie Prophecy about His Death Emerges amid Reports He Hid Cancer from Сolleagues

On April 22, 2023, Len Goodman died at 78 after spending time in a hospice in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK. When the news of his death reached his friends, costars, and fans, they couldn’t help but express their feelings on social media.

He was battling an illness at the time of his death, but none of his coworkers knew about it. The “Strictly Come Dancing” judge even predicted his death in his last interview.

Len Goodman on the sets of “Dancing with the Stars” Season 30 on November 15, 2021 | Source: Getty Images

Goodman appeared for the interview soon after retiring from “Dancing with the Stars.” After appearing as a judge for over 15 years, he wanted to spend time with his wife and grandchildren at home.

A source revealed that the judge predicted his death during the December 2022 interview. Goodman believed he would pass away like his father, who died from a stroke. He said:

“He was 79, so if I go the way of my dad, that’ll be next year.”

Since the judge had predicted his death, he had even thought of what to write in his obituary. He didn’t want the world to know him as a famous judge. Instead, he was happy to be a “dance teacher from Dartford who got lucky.”


Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall dances with Len Goodman on September 05, 2019 in London, England. | Source: Getty Images

Learning about his death prediction in his last interview made his fans wonder if he already knew about his illness. The “Love/Loss” actor would have turned 79 this Tuesday.

Len Goodman’s Cause of Death Revealed
Goodman passed away after battling bone cancer, but this was not the first time he was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease.

In March 2009, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer, which was treated with surgery. In 2020, he got treated for a melanoma on his face.

While working with his “Dancing with the Stars” colleagues, Goodman always remained in high spirits. None of his coworkers knew he was battling a terminal illness until they learned about his demise.

Although his colleagues could notice that he was getting frailer, he never told them about his health issues.

According to a source, when Goodman’s coworkers talked about his health, he always attributed it to his old age, saying he was almost touching 80.

The production crew remembers Goodman joking around on the sets during his final days at work. He kept his terminal illness a secret, and his coworkers and friends were shocked to learn about his demise...CONTINUE READING


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