Father Mistakenly Sells His Daughter’s Teddy Bear That Contained Her Missing Mother’s Heartbeat

All the children in the world have their favorite toy, the one they would never want to part with and that they would always keep with them. Among the most popular are undoubtedly the teddy bears: soft stuffed animals that not only accompany the little ones in their days of fun, but also keep them company at night so that they feel safe and cuddled. These sweet friends have been around for many years, but only a few have evolved to the point where they are modern and allow you to record sounds or voices at the push of a button and listen to them later.

The little girl at the center of this story had just such a teddy bear, but her stuffed animal did not contain any recordings: her mother’s heartbeats were recorded on it.

The little girl in the story is 4 years old and, thanks to modern technology, she was able to record her mom’s heartbeats in her favorite rainbow teddy. Unfortunately, following a mistake by her father, the soft toy was given to a second-hand store, which deeply saddened the little girl.

Her bitterness was not only about being separated from the object itself, but also about the fact that it contained this beautiful sound and unfortunately her mum passed away and she would no longer have the opportunity to record it and listen to it again. When her father realized he had mistakenly done something terrible to his daughter, he tried to make amends.


He posted a message on the web about the incident and said he left the rainbow teddy at the Goodwill store in New Tazewell, Tennessee, United States. Of course, he had tried to find it immediately, but the teddy had been sold shortly after being given away and even the store managers couldn’t find the buyer.

«When the father came back to see us and found the item had been sold, he was heartbroken. Unfortunately, our staff do not know if the item is given in error or has a sentimental value,» said Cindy Dodson, Goodwille’s communications manager. «We are doing everything in our power to spread the information and try to find him.»

The mobilization of fellow citizens was maximum and many shared the call to spread the news as much as possible and to find the person who bought the soft toy with the woman’s heartbeat. «My daughter’s mother is no longer with us and her grandmother made her this special teddy with the beating of her heart,» the little girl’s father wrote in the appeal. «Please, if you find it or see someone who has one, contact us and you will receive a reward.»

We only hope that it will come true soon, so that the little girl can find her mother’s heart and make her feel that she is always by her side, even if not physically.


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