People Attack Bride for ‘Unattractive’ Wedding Dress — She Responds, and Critics Delete All Their Comments

A woman kept her stunning wedding gown a secret until the big day. She picked an unusual gown and couldn’t wait to show it off to her loved ones. The reaction surprised her, and she clapped back at the bullies.Camille Lescai was a bride with a mission on her wedding day to make a statement.

Her wedding took place in November 2022, and she kept her gown a secret from her guests and bridal party, instead requesting that everyone wear white for the auspicious event.When the audience saw Lescai going down the aisle, their request made sense. She was dressed in a fabulously original masterpiece worth around $4,400 that was exactly matched to her personality.

Many netizens, however, were not pleased with the joyful bride’s decision.

Camille Lescai’s bridal party reacts to the presentation of her wedding gown. @camillelescai on

She Purchased the Dress of Her Dreams
Lescai uploaded a brief movie of the big wedding dress reveal on TikTok a few days after her wonderful Sydney, Australia wedding.

The bride had roughly 300 followers, all of whom were friends and relatives. She was astounded to learn that her message had gone viral.

The bride understood that the cruel remarks would harm many other individuals who had selected unorthodox outfits or intended to do so, so she took action and confronted the bullying straight on.

Surprised at the popularity of her video
Lescai’s blush pink gown drew a lot of attention, albeit for the wrong reasons. With millions of views and comments, the bride and her dream gown became the object of internet mockery and hatred. She revealed:

“I was taken aback by the comments because I had no idea it would go viral.” I’m not an influencer, so I couldn’t understand why so many people were concerned about the dress I wore, or why they felt it was so contentious.”

Rude Remarks about the Bride’s Unique Dress
In astonishment, Lescai went through the innumerable comments. Her rose-colored gown was dubbed “ugly,” “dated,” and even “trashy” by several people. Someone informed her that if they had been the groom, they would not have gone forward with the wedding.

People also questioned why she was “trying so hard,” and the insults seemed to be endless. One user commented:

“My biggest fear is being a bridesmaid and the bride [wearing something like this] and watching our reaction, and I have to pretend it looks good.”

Others compared her clothing to toilet paper, calling it a “big no” in their opinion. Lescai, on the other hand, enjoyed her clothing and did not want other people’s opinions to sway her.

Face-to-Face with Hatred
The bride battled with self-confidence as a teen, but happily, she is now in her thirties. She was concerned that the hatred might effect other ladies who wanted to wear a one-of-a-kind gown on their wedding day.


The bride understood that the cruel remarks would harm many other individuals who had selected unorthodox outfits or intended to do so, so she took action and confronted the bullying straight on.

Bride Responds to Online Criticism
Instead of avoiding the nasty comments, Lescai responded with a series of videos to viewers who compared her clothing to toilet paper, among other disparaging remarks.

She began by reacting to harsh remarks from accounts with usernames that concealed their true identities. She thought they only had the audacity to criticize her because of their anonymity, so she exposed them. Lescai elaborated:

“People may believe that I should expect negative comments after posting anything online, but the counter-argument is that you should expect to be held accountable if you make nasty comments online.” This was my method of regaining control.”

Support, Love, and an Important Learning Experience
While Lescai brought the abusive remarks to light and replied to them in a comedic manner, she was also grateful for the numerous good responses and hoped her tale would inspire others to be different.

Many people in the internet community praised the brave bride. Her films motivated them, and they were grateful she was able to teach the bullies a lesson. Users also complimented and commended Lescai’s actions:

“I also wore a pink dress on my wedding day; I felt beautiful and like myself.” You shine in that outfit – it’s stunning, and so are you!”

(Molly Milazzo) 5 January 2022

“I absolutely adore this gown!” People will always have something unsavory to say. Regardless, you’ve captured everyone’s attention! Keep doing what you’re doing, gal!”

– (Chad Cummins) 15 January 2022

“Absolutely stunning!!!!” I love how you kept true to yourself and your flair for YOUR special day. The overall effect was flawless.”

– (randijohnsey) Monday, January 8, 2022

“Um… you’re BEAUTIFUL.” It’s really unique, and I adore it! Please ignore all of the trolls here. They are the epitome of what is wrong with today’s world.”

January 6, 2022 (Lauren Ann Marie)

Lescai noted that many of her detractors had erased their comments following her response to the internet abuse. Hopefully, more individuals will think carefully before publicly criticizing others online. Congratulations, lovely bride. Your own style is both beautiful and inspirational!


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