This rich man visits his unfinished house and finds an old stroller in one of the rooms., Hears Baby Crying from a Room

A rich man visits his unfinished house and finds an old stroller in one of the rooms. He’s understandably confused about how the stroller got there until he hears a crying sound from somewhere in the house and finds something shocking. Dylan was a wealthy businessman who owned a huge chain of grocery stores. His wife, Alisa, was a homemaker by choice, as they were well-off and she didn’t need to work. But despite all the wealth, Dylan and Alisa were not happy with their lives!

The couple had been trying for a child for three years with no luck. Alisa was depressed that she wouldn’t be able to become a mother, and Dylan was concerned that if they didn’t have a child, there would be no heir to his fortune. One day, Dylan and Alisa visited the church and Pastor John observed they were distressed. They expressed their concerns about their infertility, and Pastor John gave them, especially Dylan, a piece of advice.

“You need to stop being pessimistic, Dylan,” he said solemnly. “That negative energy in your vicinity will only harm you. I suggest you stop being callous and start being compassionate to those around you. He never forgets his children … You see, you do good, and God will be gracious to you!” Dylan and Alisa reflected on Pastor John’s words and realized he made much sense.

For some reason, the contractors building their new home had abandoned the project and terminated the contract. And despite multiple expensive treatments, they were unable to conceive. Everything in their lives was going south! Dylan was very upset that day. After dropping Ailsa off at home, he went to see the unfinished house, and tears welled up in his eyes. He wandered around the property, remembering how delighted he and Alisa were when they decided to build it.

They had hired an architect and spent months perfecting the design to make it suitable for their family.As Dylan made his way into one of the unfinished rooms — which was supposed to be their baby’s nursery — he spotted an old stroller there. Dylan looked around to see if anyone was living on his property illegally, but he didn’t see anyone in close sight.

He decided to go over the entire property before leaving, and when he passed by one of the rooms, he suddenly heard the sound of a baby crying and saw a silhouette.”Hey, who are you?” he yelled as he walked in, only to discover a disheveled mom breastfeeding her infant.Dylan immediately looked away. “Who are you?” he yelled angrily. “I hope you’re aware that trespassing on someone’s property is a crime!”

The woman panicked and tears welled in her eyes. “Please don’t kick me out of here. I will feed my baby and leave. Please give me some time….””Listen, you….” Dylan was about to lash out at the woman, but he remembered what the pastor had told him about being kind to others. “You need to be kind,” rang in his ears until he calmed down. “Look, this is wrong, but….uh, okay, take your time…” he replied, leaving her alone.

After a while, the woman came out with her child and apologized to him. “I’m sorry. I didn’t have anywhere to go. We’re homeless, and this property seemed abandoned, so I started to live here with my child…” Dylan saw her terrible condition, and despite being a stringent man who hardly sympathized with anyone, he felt sorry for her. “What happened to you that you and your child live on the streets in this state?” he asked, noticing she appeared exhausted and weak.


The woman’s tears didn’t stop falling as she shared how she ended up on the street. “My name is Claire,” she began. “A few months ago, my boyfriend…He left me because he didn’t want the responsibility of raising a child. We were living together, and I had nowhere to go after he kicked me out. “Nobody would offer a job to a heavily pregnant woman, let alone one with a baby…

So I had no choice in the matter… You look like a member of a well-respected household. Make my baby’s life a happy one by taking her in. If she lives with me, she will die. Please!” She pleaded with him to help her. Dylan was compelled to accept the offer as a sign from God. In an instant, he called Alisa and informed her of the situation, at which point she instructed him to bring Claire and the baby home. Dylan told Claire, “You and your child can stay with us,” as he finished his phone call. What can I do for you and your baby?…”

Alisa took care of the baby while Claire showered when they got to Dylan and Alisa’s house. Claire was also given Alisa’s clothing by Alisa. When Dylan and Alisa were having dinner, they offered Claire a job as a receptionist at one of Dylan’s grocery stores so that she could support her child’s education. Alisa complimented Claire on her daughter, calling her “beautiful.” In the end, she’ll be fine.” Her mother should be there for her.

Having a child has been on my heart for a long time, and I know how much it means to you.” You and Dylan are angels disguised as humans for me, Alisa.” I’m not sure I could ever repay your kindness… Claire broke down in tears as she spoke. Don’t worry about anything other than doing what’s best for your daughter. Assured Alisa, “It’s all,” she said. Claire and her daughter Lily moved to a new house a few months after starting to work for Dylan.

Claire had finally found a place to call home, and she was able to provide a better life for her child as a result. When Alisa and Dylan realized how much they missed Lily, they decided to spend the weekends at Claire’s house to be with her. Alisa began to feel nauseous at Clarie’s house one day while they were eating dinner. That night, she took a pregnancy test and was shocked to see two lines.

From the bathroom, she screamed, “Dylan!” “Come on in! ” Pregnancy news! Seeing the test kit, Dylan’s eyes started to well up with tears. “Oh my god!… ” He burst into tears and embraced her. “I’m so in love with you! When we found out we were expecting, we couldn’t believe it. Alisa’s gynecologist confirmed the news the following day, and Dylan and Alisa were overjoyed.

They thanked Pastor John as they made their way back home. “We appreciate you guiding us in the right direction, pastor. Please accept our heartfelt gratitude. Dylan made the statement. Pastor John, on the other hand, shook his head and said, “I am just a medium. ” In the end, he was the one who helped you find your way. That means I’m safe, thank God!


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