Wife spent just one dollar on a New Year’s present for her husband out of her savings but ended up making him rich…

However, luck was on his side, and as a result of this gift, he actually became a millionaire. It’s true that he is unsure of how to handle this unexpected fall.

A dollar-worth of lottery tickets for the New Year’s draw of the Virginia Lottery were the humble New Year’s gift that his wife gave to lawyer Daniel Schumann of Arlington, Virginia, in the United States.

On her way home from work, the girl popped into a tiny 7-Eleven and purchased a ticket. Her husband had little faith in their sincerity and was not a gambler or lottery player. After thanking his wife for the gift, Daniel temporarily forgot about it.

But on February 20, he suddenly remembered and made the decision to look up the draw’s results out of curiosity. He was stunned into silence because his first encounter had been so successful.

The number matches, as we can see. They double-checked since they didn’t believe. We were astonished since it seemed contrary to our desires. said Schumann.


His wife gave him a dollar as a gift, and he ended up with a million dollars. The man rushed straight to the shop where his beloved had purchased the lottery ticket in order to get in touch with the lottery’s administrators and claim his prize.

True, Schumann received a $10,000 commission from the store for selling the winning coupon, but Daniel doesn’t give up; in fact, he has now become immensely wealthy.

Although Schumann expresses gratitude to his wife for such a wonderful gift, he acknowledges that he still does not believe that what happened actually occurred and that he is unable to manage such a large sum of money.


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