After 87 days, the mom gave birth to her daughter’s twin sister and here is what they look like today…

Maria Jones-Elliot and Chris Jones-Elliot were overjoyed to learn that they were going to be parents to twins when they found out that they were expecting.

They already had an older son and daughter, so they were looking forward to the birth of two younger sisters at the same time even though they already had a son and daughter of their own.

The couple had already settled on the names Amy and Katie when they were just making their initial plans for a family.

But even though September was meant to be the month in which the twins were born, nothing turned out the way anyone had planned.

Maria’s pregnancy had reached its 24th week by the time the month of May came to a close, and she had the definite sensation that she was about to give birth in the very near future.

On June 1st, she gave birth to her daughter Amy, and she did it at the clinic that was most easily accessible to her.

Despite the fact that she had been born weighing just 540 grams when she was delivered, the infant appeared to be developing normally despite the fact that she had been delivered preterm.

However, her sister struggled for an exceptionally extended period of time before finally giving birth. It was only because of the mother’s one-of-a-kind physical attributes that she was able to hold off on giving birth until she had reached her full term.

On August 27, 2012, just 87 days after the birth of Maria’s first identical sister, Katie, Maria gave birth to her second identical sister, also named Maria. Katie was roughly 44 centimeters tall and weighed about 2550 kg. Her height was measured in centimeters.

The twins were given permission to return home at around the same time, which was virtually simultaneously. Amy’s sister was still visibly much larger than she was despite the fact that Amy had put on a significant amount of weight by that point in time.


The daughters, whose births were more than three months apart from one another, immediately captured the attention of the media due to the fact that their births were so far apart.

In addition to that, the authorities from the Guinness Book of Records confirmed that they had succeeded in breaking a world record.

Despite the fact that Amy and Kathy are identical twins, they share the same birthday. And then there is an exchange of gifts as well as well wishes for each of the two daughters in their own right.

Amy had virtually attained the same level of development as her younger sister had when they were the same age by the time she had reached her first birthday.

In spite of the fact that the girls gave off the impression of being identical twins in every manner, it seemed as though their personalities were poles apart from one another.

Katie will soon celebrate her birthday and become 8, bringing her age up to par with that of her older sister Amy, who is already 8 years old.

Amy is already 8 years old despite the fact that her younger sister Katie is only 7 years old.

The preparations for the identical twin sisters, who will be starting the second grade of primary school this coming school year, have already begun. They will be joining each other in the same classroom.

They pick up new information quickly and are always ready to support one another and help one another learn.

On the girls’ bags, their names are written so that their fellow students and teachers will have an easier time distinguishing them from one another.

On the other hand, given that their daughters were born 87 days apart from one another, their parents are probably going to notice a significant deal of difference between the two of them.


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