At 101 years old, she still goes grocery shopping on foot, so her village installed a bench for her to rest.

A report by TF1 highlights the kindness of the residents of a village located in Calvados. They offered a symbolic gift to the oldest member of the community.

At 101 years old, Giselle doesn’t hesitate to go grocery shopping on foot, but this habit tires her. That’s why the residents of Merville-Franceville-Plage (Calvados) decided to make her journey easier. They installed a bench halfway so that the village elder could rest.

A symbolic bench for the oldest member of the community

The bench was installed by the municipal team and bears the centenarian’s name, TF1 reported in its broadcast on Thursday, March 17th. Not surprisingly, this gesture delighted the elderly woman: “I am enjoying it, and after me, people will enjoy it,” she said on camera.

The channel also explains that the bench is located between Giselle’s apartment and her favorite store. This allows her to catch her breath before setting off again. In the meantime, the village celebrity chats with her friends and passersby.


“My aunt Giselle is someone who is very caring, we will still be talking about her for a few more years,” confides Pascal, Giselle’s nephew. He is not the only one to praise the centenarian’s qualities. According to one passerby, the retiree is an independent woman: “She doesn’t even want to be helped.” Another is impressed by her energy: “She doesn’t act her age. Climbing two floors to go to her place and do her little errands, I think that’s beautiful.”


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