John Travolta’s life after the loss of his wife: he continues to raise his two children alone in a small town while he grieves publicly he has refused to remarry since the loss of his wife…

Kelly Preston’s death after a courageous two-year fight against cancer brought a devastating end to John Travolta and Kelly Preston’s marriage, which had the potential to be the subject of a best-selling memoir. However, the couple’s marriage was cut tragically short when Kelly Preston passed away. Now, Travolta devotes his time and energy to raising their children on his estate in Florida, and he is not yet ready to let love into his heart.

John Travolta and Kelly Preston’s initial encounter happened onscreen, as is the case with the majority of Hollywood love tales. During the screen test for the 1989 comedy “The Experts,” the stage was set for the two, and it would become one of the most desirable romances in the history of Hollywood.

However, Preston was still married to “SpaceCamp” star Kevin Cage when they first met. In spite of this, she would eventually admit that she was not very content in her marriage.

After a brief marriage of barely two years, Preston and Cage divorced each other in the year 1985. After that, Preston had a few high-profile relationships, including short stints with George Clooney and Charlie Sheen, before ultimately settling down with John Travolta, the man she would spend the rest of her life with.

Preston said that it was “kinda” love at first sight for her and Travolta, and as soon as she was single again after terminating her relationship with Sheen in 1990, Travolta lost no time in pursuing her romantically. After he swooped in and knocked her off her feet, the two of them dove headfirst into a whirlwind romance that would eventually lead to marriage and children.

When Travolta proposed to Preston on New Year’s Eve, he gave her a ring that had a six-carat yellow-and-white diamond. This was no ordinary proposal. The proposal came as somewhat of a surprise, and according to reports, Preston shouted in response when Travolta asked her to marry him.

Those who were closest to them were able to see the evident delight on both of their faces thanks to the happiness that their relationship offered them. A member of the “Can’t Let You Go” actor’s family was quoted as saying, “I’ve never seen Johnny happier,” and went on to say the following:

“I suppose it’s a matter of time. Both John and Kelly are prepared to start a family at this point.

In addition, Preston’s mother agreed that her daughter had a history of dating troubled young men, but she acknowledged that her daughter’s relationship with Travolta was unique. She said, “[He] is so kind and loving and generous,” and she praised him for these qualities.

The proposal in Switzerland was quickly followed by the couple’s surprise wedding at the Hotel de Crillon in Paris, as well as a second ceremony in Daytona Beach, which took place in Florida. When they tied the knot, Preston was already two months along in her pregnancy with the couple’s first child, Jett, whom they welcomed into the world in 1992.

The couple seemed to have a happy marriage and was consistently infatuated with one another. Preston would often brag about her spouse and the love that they shared, and she would even sometimes reveal the key to their picture-perfect marriage. During an interview with “Good Morning America,” the actress from “Gotti” said that open communication was the secret to the longevity of her and her husband’s marriage. In addition to this, she stressed the significance of putting effort into the marriage:

“Keep it enjoyable. It is not something that occurs on its own. You’ve gotta work on it.”

The “Two of a Kind” actor was the recipient of some great comments from Preston, and she also shared some of the things that stand out to her most about her spouse. She said that she loved everything about him, including his laugh, his hips, how much fun he was, and even how much they enjoyed dancing together.

Their love blossomed to new heights in the year 2000 when they became parents to a second child, a girl named Ella Bleu. They were a sight to see in every sense of the word. The advent of their daughter provided them with even more joy, and the gratification that came from helping each other raise their children was very important to them.

They were together for a long time, but throughout that time they never lost sight of how important it was to value their love for one another and they made sure to find time to be together whenever possible. It was customary for the two to celebrate each other’s birthdays and anniversaries, and they would often deliver heartfelt speeches on these occasions.

At the One World, One Child Benefit Concert in 2002, Travolta surprised Preston by giving her a luscious cake for her 40th birthday. The cake was presented to her by Travolta. On the other side, Preston acknowledged Travolta’s affection for him and used Instagram to express his gratitude for the couple’s accomplishments, including the couple’s 28th wedding anniversary.

In the long message, which was accompanied by a picture of the couple holding hands, Preston referred to Travolta as “the most wonderful man,” and she added:

“You have loved me patiently and unconditionally, given me hope when I felt lost, and given me hope when I felt lost… made me laugh harder than any other human being could ever do… shared the most exquisite highs and, at times, the lowest lows.”

She complimented him on being an excellent parent, thanked him for making her life enjoyable, and said that she had complete faith in him as a partner. She knew that as long as she had him by her side, she would be OK no matter what. She signed off the message with the words, “I love you completely and irrevocably.”

Travolta also made his love for his wife known by sending a brief but heartfelt statement on their big day, in which he wished his “wonderful wife” a happy 28th anniversary. In the message, Travolta referred to his wife as “wonderful.”

Their marriage was one of a kind in that it lasted for a very long period, was full of love for one other, and had an appreciation that has stood the test of time. Sadly, they were only able to have a brief period of bliss before they were rocked by a terrible event that occurred in their family in 2009.

When the family was on vacation in the Bahamas, their son Jett, who was 16 at the time, had a seizure and hit his head on the bathtub. This is the worst nightmare a parent can have, and it happened while the family was in the Bahamas.

At Rand Memorial Hospital, it was determined that Jett, who suffered from the very uncommon autoimmune condition known as Kawasaki syndrome, had passed away. This news left his parents inconsolable. Travolta has been quoted as saying that he will be happy as long as his children are happy, and the loss of his son has left him inconsolable.

Following the tragic loss of their son Jett, Travolta, and Preston would pay tribute to their slain child by sharing touching memories of the times they had spent together. In 2019, Preston shared a flashback snapshot on her Instagram account in which she and her husband were seen kissing Jett on both cheeks as he slept down on a bed while wearing the biggest smile possible on his face. She referred to him as her “sweet Jett,” and she said that they will carry him in their hearts till the end of time.


Additionally, she sent all of the autistic children and the people who love and care for them her love and support. She said that she wished for everyone to be bright and that children with special needs would be given love and respect.

A few years after the tragic loss, the couple finally had a cause to rejoice when they became parents to a boy named Benjamin. This brought the family closer together than it had been in a long time. Travolta believed the little child to be the “glue” that held the family together after they had suffered the loss of their elder son, and he was the one who helped his parents deal with the loss of their older son:

“The house now has a refreshed sense of purpose and spirit thanks to him.”

The family remained tight, and it seemed that the relationship between Travolta and Preston was becoming stronger. They took great pleasure in their adoring relationship with one another and in the process of raising their lovely children. Travolta’s world was about to come crashing down around him as a result of another loss, which was just around the bend.

After a courageous two-year fight against breast cancer, Preston passed away early on the morning of July 12, 2020, causing Travolta to suffer yet another loss.

A family representative said that the “SkyHigh” actress had opted to make her battle with cancer a private matter and that she had been taking medicine for a period of time prior to her passing away. Despite this, she was not battling the sickness on her alone since she had the support of her immediate family as well as her closest friends.

Because so many people knew Preston to be a kind and generous soul, their loss was profoundly felt at the news of her passing. The representative provided more evidence of this by describing Preston as “a bright, beautiful, and loving soul who brought to life everything she touched.”

Even when he was in the throes of profound grief, Travolta informed his devoted followers of the devastating news, assuring them that the love of his late wife would live on in their hearts forever. Travolta paid tribute to his late wife on what would have been her 58th birthday by uploading a flashback picture from their wedding day. This occurred some months after his wife passed away.

Travolta had a difficult time coping with the loss of his much-loved wife, but even as he worked through the sorrow of his loss, he made sure to take some time out of his grieving to gain some insight from the experience. He said to Esquire Spain that from his experience with sadness, he had realized that grieving was a personal experience and that the only way to find healing was to go through the process of mourning oneself.

Those who desired to assist others in working through their loss may benefit from the pearls of knowledge he had to offer. The trick was to not interfere with their ability to live through it. And despite the fact that he admitted that having company while grieving was helpful, he said that there were times when it turned into you helping them instead of working on your own loss and grief.

When his wife passed away, an overwhelming number of people expressed their condolences to him, and he was at a loss as to what to do with themselves. If he had known it at the time, he would have fled to a location where he could grieve her passing in peace without being disturbed by others. He was thinking:

If I were to pass away tomorrow, the last thing I would want to do is see those around me in distress.

Travolta not only had to come to terms with the passing of his wonderful wife, but he also had to prepare himself in order to explain loss to their kid. Benjamin, who believed his father was going in the same direction as his mother had gone, needed to be reassured and comforted by him.

Now, Travolta lives in a rural area with his two children and is not yet ready for a romantic relationship.

The loss of the actor’s wife was particularly difficult for him to deal with, despite the fact that he had already suffered the loss of his son. “Eyes of an Angel” even after all this time has passed, he is not yet ready to start dating. Although he has not completely shut himself off from the possibility of love, it will be quite some time before he starts dating again.

Travolta has made the decision to now concentrate his attention on his children. He said that he wanted to assist his son mature as a fulfillment of Preston’s ambition to see her children grow up, get married, and become parents. Preston’s dream was to see her children grow up, get married, and have children of their own.

He is also a very involved father in Ella’s life, and the two of them recently went viral on the internet for their recreation of his iconic “Grease” dance for a commercial that aired during the Super Bowl. He said that the only person outside his daughter with whom he would ever want to dance was his daughter.

The actor relied heavily on Travolta and Preston’s ability to dance together because of this fact. After many years had passed, dancing with his daughter served both as a way to pay tribute to Preston and as an entertaining way for fans to watch.

Even though the actor and his partner Preston have sold two of their homes, one in Maine and the other in Florida, the actor continues to bring up his children in the home that he built on the Jumbolair Aviation Estate in Ocala, Florida.

The property, which is an astounding 7,000 square feet in size, is situated on a plot of land that is 19.5 acres in size and has its very own airport, complete with a runway that is 7,500 feet long and enough for even two aircraft.

His mid-century house has five bedrooms, five and a half baths, and offers him and his children with a comfortable environment that serves as a sanctuary for them.

The pool cabana, which one of the home’s designers refers to as a “grown-up playroom,” is another feature of the property. Travolta had intended to utilize the substantial amount of open space for dancing, and now it seems that he and his daughter may have found the ideal location to break it down.

The actor who appeared in “Paradise City” said that he is in the process of determining what comes next for him, and the way that he is doing this is by working toward a place in his life that would enable him to have pleasure in life and explore with music and dance. He is quite fortunate in that he has a daughter who is eager to dance with him.

Even though he is still trying to figure out his life, the actor is benefiting from living in the calm environment of the city of Ocala, which has a population of only 65,100 people. Regarding his professional life, he revealed that although he is not slowing down, he is now being more selective with the roles he accepts.


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