Maggie from “The Thorn Birds” is 65-year-old: the horrible fate of lovely actress

Beauty Rachel Ward has always desired of becoming an actress. Nevertheless, relatives were skeptical about this. Relatives in the family were far from creativity and art.

But the family of the actress came from an old English aristocratic family. Despite this, the wayward aristocrat decided to make her dream come true. For this, she went to America to capture Hollywood.

But it wasn’t easy. At first, the actress played small roles and then worked as a model. After all, Rachel had a brilliant and unusual beauty. Ward was quite popular as a model.

And just like that, she landed her acting role. She was invited to audition for the painting “The Thorn Birds”.

Rachel was ready to play any bit of part, she did not expect to be offered to embody the character of Maggie Cleary. Ward was very worried and wanted to turn down the role. Yet, she bore the challenge of fate.


The beautiful actress embodied her role, it was impossible not to believe in the sincerity of her heroine. In addition, Rachel herself found love on the set.

The chosen actress was the performer of the role of Luke O’Neill – Brian Brown. The couple fell in love on set and soon got married.

And it is not astonishing, but the spouses are still together and live in perfect harmony. The couple has three children: two daughters and a son.

The couple has been married for over 35 years. As for her career as an actress, she continued to act in films, nevertheless, all her roles were in the shadow of the movie “The Thorn Birds”.


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