“There are no more spots”, the infant who had been walking about with a “mask” on her face had been healed…

Recently, this infant has gained notoriety all around the globe, yet you wouldn’t wish such fame on your adversary either. The crux of the matter is that Luna Fenner was born with an extremely uncommon skin condition called nevus.

Due to the fact that the stain had almost entirely covered the girl’s face, it was essential that it be treated. Unfortunately for the moon’s parents, the price of the planned 80 procedures that were recommended by American experts proved to be expensive. Due to the fact that there was a possibility that the region would develop into a cancerous development, which was something that must not take place and could not be tolerated, time could not be lost.

A Russian physician named Pavel Popov, who had just learned about our young hero at that same time, volunteered to assist her and treat her in a manner that was far more compassionate than his international colleagues would have. Due to the fact that they gave their approval, the parents relocated to Russia and remained there for close to two years, during which time a succession of surgical operations were carried out one after the other.


It is essential to emphasize the fact that the girl does not longer exhibit any signs of the discoloration that some people before referred to as the “Batman mask.” There were still scars visible on the baby’s face, but after a few more specialist procedures, they will be almost completely unnoticeable.

The girl’s mother is happy that the most difficult portion is behind them, but there is one situation that will not leave her mind. When she took her kid to church for the first time, there was already another daughter there. When she finally got a glimpse of the moon, she couldn’t help but ask her mother what the heck was going on with her daughter. Her mother responded by stating that it was a “monster” and issuing the instruction to avoid looking at the baby.


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