A father goes to college to help his autistic son: they both end up getting degrees

The task of a parent is to educate and support their children throughout a significant portion of their lives. It is therefore important not only to give them rules and examples to follow, but also to make them understand that we are on their side, that we support them in their choices, and that we are there to help them along their path so that they can live as peacefully as possible. Some children need more particular attention, like the boy in this story.

His father showed incredible sensitivity, going so far as to make a truly unique and wonderful gesture.

Luís Felipe Soares, 47, is the father of Lucas Weberling, a young man with Asperger’s syndrome, a form of autism. Unfortunately, Lucas’s condition has led him to experience several negative experiences: he was a victim of bullying several times while in primary and secondary school.

But Lucas had a great desire: he wanted to be like his mother, a criminal lawyer. He expressed the desire to go to university to study and obtain the first degree necessary to practice this profession.

Luís was obviously proud and excited about his son’s choice, but he was also very worried about how he would integrate into the university environment. He had a strange, almost “crazy” idea, but one that could work and could make a difference for Lucas.


Luìs enrolled in law school with his son! His plan was simple: he would accompany Lucas to class and keep him company, just for a few hours, so that he could acclimate to this new and potentially dangerous world.

“I was very nervous and anxious about this new situation, not only about Lucas’s condition, but also about going back to school: we were far from home, we didn’t know the people or the neighborhood. In reality, it was Lucas himself who calmed me down with his serenity. I had planned to stay in class until the fourth hour, to give him time to socialize, but he didn’t let me go,” the father said.

Finally, after long studies and constant efforts, father and son obtained their degree! They only have to pass the bar exam and Lucas declared that he would like to do it publicly! The insecurities and fears related to his condition are certainly no longer an obstacle for the boy, who is more determined than ever to make a difference in the world through the law.


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