Despite having a large family, Pat Boone lives “alone” at the age of 88, but he is “confident” that he will see his late wife of 65 years again…

Pat Boone is an accomplished musician who rose to prominence in the latter half of the 1950s. Shirley Boone, who had been his high school love, remained his wife for the whole 65 years of their marriage.

They were brought together by a mutual buddy who played on Pat’s basketball team. A buddy pointed out to Pat that Shirley was the daughter of country singer Red Foley as she was seated on a bench. Red Foley was a well-known country musician. Pat claimed that at the time, he was not the greatest lover of country music; nevertheless, since he already admired Shirley, he rapidly changed his mind about country music.

The singer said that their bond was rather unique, particularly for high school kids of their age (16 years old). “We were very much in love,” he said without equivocation. They had been seeing one another for nine months before their first kiss, and Pat was quite anxious.

He said that all he did was give Shirley a wobbly kiss on the mouth before he departed, but his lover was unimpressed by this confession. When she finally arrived home, she questioned, “Is that what I waited nine months for?”

But Pat was anxious and feared that he would ruin what he had with Shirley, leading to the same result as his other relationships from high school. Despite this, the desire felt by the 16-year-old just became stronger. Pat’s father approached Shirley’s father when they were both 19 years old and requested his daughter’s hand in marriage.

While narrating the anecdote, Pat became choked up. He described how Shirley’s father broke down in tears after seeing the depth of their love for one another. The question that Shirley’s father posed to her caregiver was, “Will you take care of my girl?”

Foley was heartbroken because he had intended to take his daughter with him when he moved, but he eventually came to the realization that he would have to leave her with Pat. Shirley was his wife for the next 65 years, and during that time, her beloved husband kept his commitment to care for her and cherish her. Shirley and Pat decided to elope and take a risk on their relationship with one another without having any idea what the future contained for either of them.

After being married in a hasty ceremony in 1953, Pat and Shirley moved to Teaneck, New Jersey, and started a family there. By the time they were 23 years old, they had four children.

Shirley remained at home and took care of the children while Pat worked hard to get his degree from Columbia University and win over masses of people with his music. The pair was there for each other and provided support.

However, things were looking up for the singer; by the time he was 22, he already had his network music variety program, making him one of the youngest performers to reach that accomplishment. Things were looking up for the singer.

In addition, he was expecting a fourth kid, so the fact that his family was expanding at the same time as his work was flourishing seemed like a miracle. Another important moment in Boone’s life was when he received his cum laude degree from Columbia University.

Shirley, a lady who was married to a music star, was aware that there would be a lot of parties that included alcohol. She was also aware that Boone’s music was a magnet for a large number of young ladies, so she was aware that the music videos would have him caressing and kissing other women.

Pat was also aware of the situation his music business placed his wife in, which is why he remembered asking Shirley for permission to kiss Shirley Jones in his “April’s Love” music video. He did this because he was conscious of the fact that his music career put his wife in an awkward position.

Pat was truthful about the fact that there would be kissing and drinking, and as a result, despite all that had happened, they decided to recommit themselves to their marriage since their family and union had always been their top priorities.

Shirley and her husband both had religious beliefs and as a result, they attributed the longevity of their marriage to their shared commitment to those beliefs. Pat added, “We made our commitment in marriage to God and to each other,” and he emphasized the importance of both.

In the early 1960s, his music was almost as popular as that of the great Elvis Presley. However, Presley still held the top spot. His daughter Debby was the voice of one of his most famous songs, “You Light up My Life,” which topped the charts in the 1970s and was one of his most successful songs overall.

The singer took his family on tour with him, and on occasion, all of the Boone family members would take the stage together to sing a variety of gospel and pop songs in different cities all over the nation.

After being married to his wife for more than six decades, Pat had nothing but positive things to say about her. He disclosed that the times when Shirley was the best wife, mother, and grandma were the times when she felt the most satisfied. She delighted in the opportunity to bring people together and spread joy everywhere she went.

Shirley was a multi-talented lady in her own right. She had success in a number of fields, including being a music artist, a television personality, and a philanthropist. Pat acknowledged that maintaining a healthy marriage for the last 65 years had not been the smoothest trip, but he had the ideal woman by his side the whole way. The singer gave some thought to his long-term relationship and remarked,

We didn’t have the ideal marriage, but marrying a great lady helped make up for some of the flaws in our union. You make a promise to God and to each other, and when things become difficult, you cling to the commitments you’ve made to God and to your children. You persevere through the challenges, and as a result, you discover that you are stronger.

When Pat’s wife of 84 years and the love of his life passed away in 2019, they were both able to finally say their goodbyes. According to reports, Shirley went away as a result of problems brought on by vasculitis, a condition that she had been diagnosed with one year before to her passing.

Shirley, a woman of many facets, passed away quietly while surrounded by her family. Her husband was at her side, and their four children, Debby, Cherry, Lindy, and Laury, were singing hymns to their mother as she drew her last breath. Her husband was also there.

Daughter Debby expressed her gratitude to her mother for exemplifying the love of a mother on the first Mother’s Day that the Boone family celebrated without Shirley.

Shirley was a mother to four children, a grandma to 15, and a great-grandmother to 11 when she departed this world. She cherished the mothering responsibilities she had and spread her affection to many more members of the family.

Pat’s family has continued to expand in size throughout the years ever since she became a mother at the age of 23 and had four children. In 1956, he and his wife Shirley became parents to a girl whom they named Debby. In 1979, she tied the knot with Gabriel Ferrer, and the couple has been blessed with four children since then.

Similar to her father in this regard, Debby has musical ability. Her most successful singles were “You Light Up My Life” and “Keep the Flame Burning.” In addition, she has been nominated for 10 Grammys and won three of them over her career.

Pat showed each of his daughters a photo of the Thanksgiving celebration with the rest of the family. Debby grinned with happiness as she sat in the middle of her sisters while wearing a pink turtleneck.

The woman sat all the way on the left, Linda, has triumphed in her life over a number of challenging challenges. Ryan, the mother’s kid, suffered a skull fracture after falling three floors from a skylight roof when he was a little child.


Linda was warned by many medical professionals that even if her son survived the serious injuries, he would be in a vegetative state. However, she did not stop trying to raise her child. She prayed to God to heal him, and after receiving extensive medical care, it was reported that Ryan was doing far better than the doctors had anticipated he would be.

Ryan’s injury caused him to develop intense fear around guys he perceives as being a danger, however, Linda said that she uses medicinal marijuana to help calm him down whenever he has these feelings.

Linda also said that Ryan got along with her father and the other males in her family, but that due to Ryan’s anxiousness, they were restricted in the kinds of locations they could visit. When they are forced to go to church, she offers him a brownie that contains medicinal marijuana in order to help calm him down.

Cherry, Linda’s eldest sister, was born in 1954 and is now seated close to her sister Linda. In the 1970s, she struggled with anorexia nervosa, but fortunately, she had her husband, Dan O’Neil, who made sure she received the necessary medical attention for her condition.

O’Neil said that on top of having to cope with a wife who suffered from mental illness, he also had to struggle with Pat since Pat was of the opinion that Cherry did not need psychiatric therapy.

Even more daunting was the fact that O’Neil was in disagreement with his father-in-law, who was not only one of the most renowned musicians of the day but also happened to be one of the most prominent artists in general.

However, Cherry also said that she was put under a great deal of strain due of the position that her father had in the community. She had an idealized view of her father and aspired to be as flawless as he was. As a result, she overdid it with her food and workout routine, which ultimately led to an unhealthy state for her body.

After receiving therapy, Cherry is now able to have a more positive connection with both herself and her parents. She has matured into who she really is, which has resulted in fewer disagreements with her family.

The person who has decided to live a life away from the spotlight, Laury, can be seen off to the far right of the Thanksgiving image. There is not a lot of information available on her, however, she did appear in the short film “No Alibis” in 1986.

The Boone family has moved quickly to include the husbands and wives of their daughters in the family. Debby showed Linda a photograph that she had taken of herself, her father, and Linda enjoying a meal together. She said that Pat’s 88th birthday celebration included a trip out to eat with Linds’ husband. A broad grin was plastered over the face of the father of four, who was shown with his arms around each of his children.

However, the family does not only get together for holidays and other special events; Debby also shared a cute picture of herself and her father after she paid him an unannounced visit.

The legacy of Shirley’s strong belief in God was passed down to each of her children. Once, she said that she and her daughter would begin each day with singing and devotional readings before breakfast and that they would attend church three times each week.

The values that Shirley instilled in her children were also transmitted to her grandkids. She said, “There are three things that I constantly tell them. God loves you. Your parents and grandparents adore you. And you are a good girl or boy.”

Both Debby and Cherry are delighted to have brought up their own children and to have grandchildren. During their conversation, Debby showed Jordan Ferrer a photo of himself as a newborn and commended him for being the ideal son and parent.

On the other side, Cherry adores spending time with her grandkids and cannot get enough of them. She also revealed that her granddaughter Hayley could now speak in full phrases, along with an adorable photo of the two of them together. In addition to that, she uploaded a photo of Hayley interacting well with her younger brother.

Pat is 88 years old, but that hasn’t stopped him from enjoying making terrific movies and popular music. However, he did concede that his grandchildren thrive on his attention and have shown him how to take things more slowly as a result.

Pat said that if his grandkids see him working too hard, they place their hands on his face and insist that he listen to them. As a result, Pat is constantly enthusiastic and attentive to anything his grandchildren want to tell him. Skype is how he stays connected with his grandchildren when he can’t be with them in person.

Pat’s loss of Shirley was devastating to him, but he hasn’t let it get him down since he is certain that he will soon be reunited with the woman he considers to be his better half. He said that “We don’t die, we just move on to another place,” and that “today was moving day.”

Pat went on to say that Shirley was not dead, but that she had moved to a new location. She was certain that she and Shirley would be reunited in heaven and begin their new lives together there.

In point of fact, he disclosed that Shirley and he had always had the same perspective. She wished for them to continue to be the powerful pair they were on earth when they arrived in paradise.

Now that Shirley has moved out, Pat lives by himself in the house they shared throughout their marriage and where they brought up their four girls. “I am living with a housekeeper and my dog, a little cocker spaniel,” he added. “My dog is a little cocker spaniel.”

Pat noted that the residence is located on Beverly Drive and Sunset Boulevard, on a plot of land of 1.2 acres, and is in close proximity to the Beverly Hills Hotel. “But I would want to call that place home. “Let me clarify; I feel Shirley’s presence in that home, which she decorated, and which is also the place where all of my girls grew up,” he said.

Additionally, Boone’s dog and housekeeper both share a home with him. He stated that there are times when he misses his wife and things become lonely for him as a result, but overall he was doing OK.

On Father’s Day, his daughter Debby posted photos of the incredible fathers in her life, and she also included a special video of Pat dancing, in which he attempted to complete the “Get Your Dad to Dab” challenge for the Ellen DeGeneres show.

The actor has also continued to work; in 2022, he appeared in the film “The Mulligan Movie.” He has not ceased working. He has also written a book titled “If,” in which he discusses how his belief in God reshaped his life and led to his success in the entertainment industry.

In 2022, Pat said that some of his Christmas songs had never been officially published but that they will soon be made accessible for listeners to enjoy through streaming services. His other guilty pleasure, which he indulges in during his spare time when he’s not working on new songs, is driving fancy automobiles.

Pat has said that he would pass away the moment he was given the opportunity to meet Shirley, despite the fact that he is now content with his life as an only child. The musician has high expectations that he and his wife will continue to experience the same love even after they reach paradise together.


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