Patrick Swayze’s widow got rid of her husband’s memory: the woman married and found happiness

Patrick Swayze loved his wife. They met when he was 18, and his future wife was only 15 years old. They got married very soon.

Nevertheless, their marriage was not easy. Lisa Niemi was always there. She helped him manage with addiction, she bore his depression in times of unemployment and lack of demand.

She was a support for her husband. He said that his life would be incomplete without his wife. Lisa could not give birth to a child for him, but he put up with it for her sake.

And after he passed away, she became his main heir. He provided for her until the end of her life, and Lisa did not need anything.


However, she sold out all his things and got rid of anything that could remind her of him.

Niemi cut off all ties with the actor’s relatives. And soon she remarried. Her new husband is a wealthy millionaire.

Of course, the fans, and relatives of the actor did not understand her actions, but still, Lisa herself is sure that Patrick would like her to be happy.

For her, life goes on. She is happy. According to Niemi, she has not forgotten her husband but wants to live in the present. She does not feel guilty.

How do you feel about the woman’s decision?


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