60-year-old Demi Moore publishes beach photos in a spicy bikini: fans can not hide their admiration

Soon-to-be-grandmother Demi Moore, 60, is now enjoying her life and is happy to share the details on her blog.

The actress quite actively communicates with followers and often shows them a variety of moments from her work.

For example, the celebrity proudly shows off her amazing shape, starring in swimsuits, bikinis, and other daring outfits.

The other day, Demi posted a series of two beach shots, which she titled as follows: “Pilaf goes to the beach.”

Indeed, in the photos, Moore posed with her tiny pet. However, almost no one looked at the little dog, fully concentrating on the figure of the actress.

Recall that Demi is in excellent shape, which is why fans regularly give her a lot of compliments.


“Demi is just gorgeous”, “Is it legal to look like this at 60 years old?”, Internet users turned to the actress.

By the way, the actress herself does not hide what she considers her main secrets – regular cleansing and moisturizing of the skin.

According to the celebrity, she never forgets to remove the remnants of makeup and always finds time for moisturizing masks.

But to maintain Demi’s figure, proper nutrition helps. According to the actress, beauty begins with health.

“I gradually came to vegetarianism,” the actress emphasizes. And she tries to replace desserts with fruits.


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