Son refuses to put his toys away: his mother punishes him by throwing them in the trash

Her son refuses to put away his toys: his mother punishes him by throwing them in the trash Becoming a parent is synonymous with joy and responsibility. The education that we give to our children is of paramount importance since they will become the leaders of tomorrow’s society. To do this, we must first make them understand the rules of «civilization». It is about respect for others but also for things, because the management of material goods must also be taught.

This mother has found a rather original method to make her son responsible for the use and therefore the order of his toys, leaving Internet users dumbfounded.

Tabatha Lawrence is the mother of a five-year-old boy who, despite his young age, decided to teach him an important lesson: one is responsible for one’s belongings.

The woman said she was always trying to encourage her little one to put his toys away and it seemed as obvious as it was right. However, when she can’t «reason with him», she uses a much more drastic method: if he doesn’t pick up and put away his toys after being told to do so several times, she picks them up and throws them away. She simply puts them in large bags and throws them in the trash.

Naturally, her rather drastic way of doing things caused more than one objection on social networks, where the woman involved Internet users by documenting the whole thing with a video.


«Are you serious? He’s only five years old… It’s up to you to help him at this age: you have to clean the room with him. So it’s clearly you who don’t want to do it. what if after scolding him you decide to throw it all away. Poor kid,» one user wrote. “My mother used to do the same to me when I was around the same age as your son. It traumatized me forever and even today, as an adult, cleaning house is still an extremely stressful task” , adds another user.

But there are also those who approved of their mother’s system: «Well done mum! People who disagree with your methods certainly have children who don’t respect anyone, including their parents», retorted someone A. «I’m 18 and I had the same treatment when I was around 10. After that, I went a week without toys and I learned how to put things away very quickly,» says another user.

In summary, Lawrence’s gesture elicited many mixed opinions; What do you think ?


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