12-year-old pianist plays so well that the audience wants him to play again, so he plays a Queen song

A piano is certainly one of the nicest additions to any public place.
Several people with secret abilities have been exposed to the world since they first debuted after playing for a crowd at random.

That is why, every now and then, a video of someone’s spectacular performance appears on YouTube, demonstrating how simple it is to brighten someone’s mundane day.

Cole Lam is a fantastic 12-year-old child who recently performed at London’s St. Pancras International Train Station.
In this video, he performs one of Queen’s most renowned songs, and the audience is enthusiastic.

The way he plays is incredible, and it’s difficult to believe that he has so much talent and skill at such a young age.

He’s so amazing, in fact, that the audience refuses to let him go!
This video starts at the conclusion of Cole’s show.

We can tell that he has been playing public piano for some time, and there is a considerable crowd surrounding him. He stands up and gets ready to leave, but his audience wants one more song.

That’s when he takes a seat and begins playing “Don’t Stop Me Now.”
It is clear that everyone is having a good time. And this is one of Queen’s best songs.

Who would have thought that someone could brighten your day with simple black and white keys? Everyone in the room was willing to come to a halt and put everything on hold for a few moments.


His playing is incredible, and this sort of ability captivates you and demonstrates what music is all about.
It’s reasonable that many people are filming his act. He’s a real little star because of the ease with which he glides over those notes.

You can sense Queen vibes as he rises up and throws his everything into this performance!
Lam is definitely taken over by music at the conclusion of the video.

He gets up and continues to play while standing. We can imagine adrenaline coursing through his veins and the Queen’s spirit taking control of him.

Apart from his talent, the most endearing aspect of this youngster is his obvious happiness.

He clearly cares about his playing, and the audience senses it as well.

Nothing is more wonderful than a child’s skill and commitment. Several members of the crowd are thoroughly immersed in the event, and some are even dancing.

Check out his amazing abilities in the video below!


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