A teenage girl gives up on her newborn son and abandons him in the hospital shortly after birth. The next day, the hospital calls her mother to say the child had gone missing and that they knew who was to blame

Emily Henson was barely 18 when she became pregnant with Shaun’s child. When Shaun found out about the pregnancy, he was ready to take on the burden, but Emily’s mother, Mrs. Henson, who was more like the family’s head and had a voice in everything, decided against it.

“It’s absurd for an adolescent girl to be parenting a child! We’re not going to keep the baby! ” She said.

“But, Mom!” Emily objected. “According to the physicians, it’s too late for an abortion! Apart from that, I don’t want to forsake my child!”

“Please excuse me.” Mrs. Henson gave her a snide glance. “Honey, you’re not in charge here! What I mean is that there is always a solution to every difficulty. We’ll leave that baby at the hospital when you have it! ” She said it emphatically.

Mrs. Henson’s will won once more, despite the opposition of Emily and her father. She forced Emily to keep her pregnancy a secret from everyone and break off all contact with Shaun. Emily didn’t want to do it, but she didn’t have much of a choice because she was still financially dependent on her parents.

When the baby was eventually born months later, Emily was weeping as she cradled her newborn boy in her arms, feeling horrible about putting him up for adoption. “I’m so sorry, sweetie,” she sobbed, tears welling up in her eyes. “This is my first and final time seeing you. I hope you’ll forgive me, Mama.”

“No way! They can’t be it!” She hurriedly dressed and drove to the hospital.

Emily left the hospital soon after, leaving her baby behind. Nevertheless, the next morning, the hospital workers realized that the infant had gone missing. They contacted Mrs. Henson to let her know, and the call shocked her out of her nap.

“I’m sorry to trouble you this early, Mrs. Henson, but your grandson is missing from the hospital!” Emily’s doctor explained. We believe we know who is responsible, so please get to the hospital as soon as possible!”

Mrs. Henson was furious. “How could the child just vanish like that? Come on, Josh, we need to…” She realized her husband’s side of the bed was vacant as she hung up the phone.

She sought him everywhere and called him, but he didn’t answer. Emily was also nowhere to be found. Mrs. Henson recalled the doctor’s comments. “We believe we know who is responsible…”

“No way! They can’t be it!” She hurriedly changed and raced to the hospital, where she learned that Mr. Henson had been captured on surveillance cameras leaving the hospital with the infant. The infant had been brought to him by a nurse.

Mrs. Henson’s blood was boiling at this moment. “How could he do anything like that?”

The hospital officials had already contacted the police before calling Mrs. Henson, so they were on the watch for Emily, Mr. Henson, and the baby. Fortunately for Mrs. Henson, the detectives found them by sunset. They had arrived at Shaun’s house.

Mrs. Henson was furious when she came with the cops. This time, though, she would not be tolerated.

“We are not abandoning the child, Laura,” Mr. Henson stated. “If you plan on forcing us again, forget it! Officers, my wife is forcing my daughter to give up the baby, which neither she nor I desire!” Emily nodded and expressed her desire not to forsake the kid.

The police warned Mrs. Henson not to push Emily in this way because she was 18 years old and capable of making her own decisions. Mrs. Henson became even more upset as a result. “Remember what we agreed on, Josh! I’m not going to let the baby remain in my house! After all, it’s my house! It’s mine!”

“All right, Laura,” Mr. Henson said. “Since I’m divorcing you, you may live there alone! I’m tired of you deciding for the rest of us. Emily was forced to abduct her infant and depart the hospital dressed as a robber! We’ve had enough of your stubbornness… Laura, good luck!”

Mrs. Henson couldn’t believe she was being avoided in this manner. Her hubris, however, did not enable her to realize her foolishness. She rushed out of the house and joyfully signed the divorce papers provided to her by Mr. Henson later.

Mr. Henson and Emily stayed with Shaun during the divorce procedures. Shaun and Emily were overjoyed to be reunited and to get their kid back.

As a fair settlement for their divorce, Mr. Henson was given half of their property. However, instead of moving back in with Mrs. Henson, he rented out part of the house, which was against her wishes. Afterward, he moved in with Shaun and Emily in their new house, along with Albert, his grandson.

What can we glean from this narrative?

Children have the right to make their own decisions. Mrs. Henson was continuously imposing her decisions on Emily until Emily understood it was wrong and tried to break free.

Marriage thrives on collaboration and collapses under dominance. Mr. Henson was weary of his wife constantly making decisions for them, so he decided to stop it one day. He divorced her and relocated to be closer to his daughter’s family.


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