Meet the gorgeous hands-free ballerina who won the hearts of the judges.

Vitoria Bueno, an 18-year-old dancer, completely stunned the audience in week two of America’s Got Talent.
The judges praised her dancing performance and were pleased to have her as one of the 60 artists in the various Got Talent franchises throughout the world.

It was an amazing show that made everyone smile and laugh.
At the end of her performance, she gave the crowd even more reasons to respect her.

The music choices were also unique.

In the face of uncertainty and fear, this encouraging song exhorts us to be true to ourselves.

It is a constant reminder that we are never alone. Nothing is impossible when we have the faith, love, and support of those around us.

Vitoria faced various obstacles, yet she persevered and fulfilled her full potential. She set goals and worked tirelessly to achieve them, illustrating to us that anything is possible.

The story of a girl traveled around the world, generating many passionate letters from others whose brave trips she encouraged.

In her performance, she combined balletic beauty with exquisite jumps.

She moved across the stage with amazing agility and technical precision, performing flawless pirouettes, exquisite whips, and gorgeous arabesques.


With his impressive pas de deux, strong chain twists, and enormous jet leaps, he demonstrated his strength and flexibility.

The audience was captivated by the wonderful creative display that resulted from the merging of these amazing dancing styles.

Your stamina and determination are almost incredible.

Vitoria’s bravery and determination in the face of adversity were visible in her comments; it was clear that she had put in many hours of effort to deliver an amazing performance.

His ability to shine on stage truly motivates us all.
Watch how the judges and audience are captivated by her graceful movements and captivating expressions, leaving them wanting more.

Every aspect of her performance will take your breath away, from the deftly performed pirouette to the explosive pas de deux.

This excellent film catches her dancing at her best; don’t miss it; start watching now!


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