Ava Locklear is honored by her mother Heather Locklear as she receives her master’s degree: “Such a Proud Mama,” as the expression goes.

The actress Heather Locklear is rejoicing over her daughter Ava’s most recent achievement.

The actress from Melrose Place, who is 61 years old, commemorated her daughter Ava’s graduation with an Instagram picture on Sunday, in which she wrote, “Such a happy mother. Congratulations, my sweet child, on earning your master’s degree in MFT! thanks to your dedication, doggedness, and the generosity of your heart.”

In the picture, Locklear’s daughter, who is 25 years old at the time, can be seen wearing a cap and gown after getting her Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy from the Rossier School of Education at the University of Southern California.

The actress and her former husband, Richie Sambora, who is 63 years old, are Ava’s parents. Both Locklear and Sambora do not had any other children than Ava.

According to a friend of the family, Ava was quite thrilled to learn that her grandma would be traveling all the way from New Jersey to visit. “Richie went out to the Kentucky Derby, and then he flew from there to NJ on Sunday to get his mom and bring her out on Thursday because she wouldn’t miss it,” Richie said. “The reason she wouldn’t miss it is because she wouldn’t want to miss it.”


“And his mother was there, and they all attended,” Richie went and tracked her out in order to guarantee that she would be there for her granddaughter’s graduation!

Ava responded to the message made by her mother by stating, “My mama!!! “Thank you so much!! “, then “I love you to the sun, the moon, and back again.”

Locklear will sometimes send birthday wishes to Ava with accompanying images, as was the case in October of this past year.

The actress sent a birthday message to the most amazing person she knew, saying, “Happy Birthday.” I adore you to the furthest reaches of the universe!

Ava was seen modeling a black lace jumpsuit in the photo, which she wore while standing in front of a large number of white balloons that were arranged to make the number 25.


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