Elderly woman facing jail for tall grass is moved to tears when four boys mow lawn for free

Four young brothers from Texas performed a selfless act of kindness to protect their elderly neighbor.

They had never met Gerry Suttle before, but after learning her fate in a news report the Reynolds boys knew they had to do something.

A warrant was issued for the 75-year-old woman’s arrest after she failed to appear in court to address her overgrown lawn. Suttle says she never received a notice from the court.

The four Reynolds boys piled into their parents pickup truck and drove to the address mentioned in the news report. When Suttle found them mowing her field in the bright Texas sun she was moved to tears. Other neighbors noticed the boys selfless act and quickly joined their effort.


Within a few hours the entire lot was back in order.

Watch Gerry meet these wonderful young men in the video.

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