Jim Nabors was a man of many talents. However, Nabors’ s*xuality did not make life easy for him in the industry

im Nabors was a breakout star in the legendary 1960s sitcom “The Andy Griffin Show.” He played Gomer Pyle, a figure who connected with and lived through Nabors until his death.

As an aspiring actor in the 1960s, Nabors was daring to be upfront about his sexuality, despite the persecution that came with it.

One of his co-stars, who sat in the front row and saw how Nabors was handled differently, admitted that he understood his privilege as a straight man.

The co-star confessed that straight males had a superior experience, not just in terms of how they were seen behind the scenes but also by the public.

Everyone on site was aware of Nabor’s sexuality, but it became an unofficial rule not to bring it up. Ron Howard, another big name from “The Andy Griffin Show,” said that the way performers were treated was different.

Howard, for example, was handled with empathy and care, while Nabors received the short end of the stick. Several crew members even called Howard nasty names behind his back. “And not in a nice way,” Howard said.

Nabors had dealt with people gossiping behind his back at work, but he had to deal with media pressure when reports about him marrying actor Rock Hudson arose.

The two performers were said to have married privately, but the public ignored it since it seemed strange and incorrect.

The details of the putative wedding ceremony were disjointed. The wedding allegedly took place in a variety of locales, including New York, Carmel, Las Vegas, Vancouver, Chicago, and a Hollywood celebration, to name a few.

There was no information on how or why the event would have taken place. Hudson and Nabors were never lovers, only casual friends, yet when the controversy emerged, the two performers were never seen together again.

Nevertheless, when Hudson died, the tale resurfaced, and a putative ceremony guest came forward. A model who kept her identity secret attended the covert homosexual wedding.

According to the ex-Vogue model, the wedding took place in the magnificent candlelit living room of a Belgravia mansion. The accused pair exchanged vows in front of a priest and their eighteen guests. According to reports, the majority of those invited were male designers and supermodels.

The model, however, said that the situation was strange for her, especially as a 15-year-old who assumed they were going to a heterosexual wedding. The source stated:

“I was a naive 15-year-old at the time, and I was taken aback by the entire affair; I’d gone to the wedding with Rock’s buddy, expecting it to be a typical one between a man and a woman…

I can’t recall what Rock and Jim said to the priest.

Nabors’ secret wedding rumors not only cost him a buddy but also cost him a show on CBS television.

Even though the actor knew from the start that his eventual companion would not be a woman, his character Gomer Pyle never had a wife or girlfriend.

Gomer had love interests, but they never developed into anything serious. In “The Better Man,” Gomer persuaded his lover, Lou-Ann Poovie, to marry an old boyfriend from her hometown.

Gomer was said to have taken that decision because he did not believe his manhood matched up to the two males in his girlfriend’s life, her father and her prospective spouse.

People thought of the average guy as someone who owned a business, went to a country club, drank hard liquor, loved football, and looked like he could fight.

Gomer, on the other hand, had other hobbies; his favorite drink was beer, and he enjoyed sewing fabric flowers for Lou-Ann; they also attended culinary lessons together, and he had little interest in sports. Gomer was teased by Lou-Father Ann’s for not being macho enough for his daughter.

Gomer was the exact opposite of what was expected of a man, but Nabors liked playing him and could relate to him in a lot of ways.”Gomer is a piece of me. He is merely good. “He’s not interested in the negative,” said the actor.

Nabors was not only a talented actor, but he also possessed an operatic voice. The actor had a few television appearances, demonstrating his powerful baritone. In 1969, CBS broadcasted “The Jim Nabors Hour,” in which the actor hosted celebrity guests who would perform comedy or sing country and opera music.

In 1972, Nabors also made his operatic debut at the Indianapolis 500. It became a custom for the actor to begin the play with “Back Home Again in Indiana” by Louis Armstrong. His last performance was in 2014, when he was 84 years old and still capable of hitting high notes.

The public may have made fun of Nabors’ love life, but the actor met his true love, Stan Cadwallader, in 1975, just after his supposed marriage to Hudson.

Cadwallader was a firefighter who eventually ended up working for Nabors, which is how their affair began. Before getting married in 2013, the pair had been together for 39 years.

Nabors was 82 years old at the time, while Cadwallader was 64. The couple went to Washington State, where homosexual weddings became legal in 2012.


Following the wedding, the actor spoke with Hawaii News. Nabors kept his marriage and connection private, but he explained that he was not embarrassed by his spouse; rather, his union was precious to him, and he desired to keep it private.

Their wedding was small and personal. A judge presided over it, which took place in a hotel room at Seattle’s Fairmont Olympic Hotel. As witnesses, the couple used acquaintances who lived nearby.

Nabors expressed gratitude for having had a life companion for over four decades. Yet he recognized that the state did not acknowledge his long-term relationship, so once it became legal, he wanted him and his husband to be legally recognized as a couple.

The actor was also questioned about whether his partnership felt different with a ring on his finger, but he stated that everything they swore had already been fulfilled throughout the course of their 39-year relationship.

The couple spent their years together in Hawaii at their house. Nabors said the island has been special to him since his first visit in the 1960s. He liked how nice and helpful everyone was to him, and that was enough to persuade him that he would call it home one day.

As a result, the actor purchased his two-story home in Honolulu, Ke’ahamoe, in 1992. It featured five bedrooms, six bathrooms, and a living room on the second level that opened up to a covered lanai when it was erected in 1950.

The guest bedroom has an en-suite bathroom, and the living area opens up to the pool and a cabana with a wet bar. The actor also has a wall with photos of memorable occasions, celebrity acquaintances, and family.

The couple’s home is surrounded by palm trees and provides convenient access to the beach. The property boasts 170 feet of beach frontage and stunning ocean views.

The master bedroom has a nice wood floor and a checkered wall in a deep blue color. There is a working room and a quiet lounge with floor-to-ceiling sliders that provide a picture-perfect sunset. The 5,900-square-foot house went for $12 million.

Nabors’ lovely home was not just for him and his companion. The actor exuded the same welcoming attitude and friendliness he experienced in Hawaii. Several of his neighbors recall Nabors as someone who enjoyed engaging with others and welcoming them into his home.

Danny Keleikini, one of his friends in Hawaii, admired how Nabors did not allow his celebrity in Hollywood to get to him. He seemed at ease and eager to share bread and talk with everyone.

Several people claimed Nabors’ heart was as large as his voice. The actor was well-known for staging local Christmas events and donating to charities such as the Hawaiian Humane Society. After receiving a liver transplant, he also assisted in promoting Hawaii’s organ donor program.

Despite the hurdles he encountered, Nabors lived a meaningful life, and his partner emphasized how grateful and lucky he felt to have been a part of his diverse life.

Nabors never wanted people to see or remember him just for his sexuality. He claimed to have known since boyhood and had never intended to make a public show of it.

The actor yearned for an exciting life that would allow him to accomplish all he wanted, and one of his obsessions was opening the Indy 500 event. Cadwallader showed a picture of the actor doing a play in one of his favorite places in the house that was not staged.

Cadwallader also mentioned that his husband had an idea of how he wanted to be remembered. He stated, “‘I want to be remembered as a kind man,’ he said. He frequently stated, ‘I’d like to be the man Gomer Pyle was,’ and I told him, ‘You are Gomer Pyle.’”

His health deteriorated after a liver transplant after getting hepatitis B. Cadwallader did say that the actor was hospitalized for a while in his final days.

Nabors asked to be taken home in the end, and on November 30, 2017, he died peacefully in his home with his husband by his side. He was 87.

Cadwallader expressed shock at his death on the morning of his death. He tried to put his sentiments into words and concentrated his efforts on funeral preparations. Cadwallader worried if he’d ever be able to come to terms with his death.

Nabors possessed a wide range of abilities. He lived his truth both on and off the screen, and he handled life’s punches with grace. He has created a legacy that his admirers and loved ones will cherish.


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