Rachael Ray and her husband John Cusimano have been together for over a decade, yet she doesn’t wear her wedding ring and say “I love you” like the others

Rachael Ray’s passion for cooking is what brought her together with her husband, John Cusimano. The story of how they first met is a compelling example of how food can bring people together, which eventually led to a unique and interesting engagement that led to a lifelong partnership.

While Ray and Cusimano’s marriage had some rocky patches owing to problems publicized in tabloids, they eventually overcame them and remained solid partners in both life and profession.

Ray never imagined himself as famous after graduating from college and working as a sweets manager at Macy’s Marketplace in New York. Before going to Albany, she quit her job to work as a chef and buyer at a gourmet store.

When a nearby TV station noticed her, she was still working at a company in Albany. Ray featured culinary segments, which eventually evolved into “30 Minute Meals.”

Ray has published over a dozen best-selling cookbooks and hosted television series such as “Rachael Ray,” “Inside Dish with Rachael Ray,” “$40 a Day,” and “Worst Chefs in America” since then.

Ray worked from home throughout the epidemic, which provided viewers with a better understanding of who her spouse is. He’s stepped up to assist his wife by acting as videographer, grillmaster, and mixologist.

Cusimano is a lawyer and musician by day. He was an entertainment lawyer in New York until he met Ray, who became his sole client.

Ray says that marrying an entertainment lawyer was the best decision she’s ever made since it saved her a lot of money. Cusimano specializes in entertainment licensing, something Ray has needed throughout the years.

While he is not practicing law, Cusimano may be seen performing with his band, The Cringe. They used to tour around North America and the United Kingdom before the COVID-19 epidemic.

Ray and Cusimano first met at a birthday party for a mutual friend, to which they were both invited. Their buddy had been attempting to set them up for about a year, but they had never met until that evening.

Cusimano said that when they met for the first time, they were surrounded by tall people because they both had a tall friend in common. He stated: “She invited all of her ex-boyfriends and friends, all of whom were tall. And, as you can see, we’re not particularly tall. So I like to believe we met among a sea of knees.”

Ray admitted that they had communicated every day since that night. She had imagined she would never marry, but she welcomed the opportunity because it was with someone she loved.

They partied together till four a.m. the night of their friend’s celebration. That night was their very first date and the first of many.

Cusimano proposed to Ray after they’d been dating for six years. That wasn’t your typical engagement tale, and it’s something they still chuckle about.

The couple’s residence was being built and would not be ready for the holidays with their relatives. Cusimano’s remedy for Ray’s never-ending sobbing was to hurl a ring at her head.

He described the event, saying that in order to get Ray to stop weeping, he tossed a ring in a blue Tiffany box at her head. Ray first mistook it for a keychain for her apartment until she learned it wasn’t.

Ray shouted when he realized it was an engagement diamond, and while Cusimano thought he said something lovely, he and Ray can’t recall what he said. Ray, on the other hand, had only one thing to say: “Call my mother and tell her.”

Ray never questioned Cusimano about marriage during their relationship. She reasoned that because they’d been together for so long without discussing marriage, it would never happen.


Cusimano, on the other hand, threw a Tiffany diamond ring at her head when they bought their apartment together. That may not have been the best method to propose, but it is a memory they treasure.

Ray and Cusimano were married at a beautiful Tuscan castle in 2005. Visitors flew in to celebrate the couple’s big day, and they danced the night away.

Ray wore a white flowing gown to the ceremony and a golden outfit to the wedding reception to commemorate the event. Cusimano, for his part, wore a clean black suit with a bow.

Ray no longer wears her wedding or engagement rings after nearly two decades of marriage. As a cook, she acknowledged that the platinum rings would burn her since they were made of such fine metal.

Finally, she decided to purchase a delicate gold ring that she could wear even while cooking. Ray revealed that she chose a black diamond over a standard diamond because she preferred black over white.

Ray also lost her original wedding rings, which were taken along with her pocketbook. She wanted the rings with her wherever she went, in case she died. Regrettably, they were stolen by a robber who had a “very huge cash day,” as she put it.

Cusimano bought the exact diamond ring Ray had lost the previous Valentine’s Day. Regrettably, that was also lost when their house burned down.

Ray also never says “I love you” to her spouse, instead saying “I ert you.” The reason for this is that Cusimano sent Ray a message years before they married, which she still has saved. Cusimano was furious with Ray at the time, and he informed her:

“I’m a self-sufficient man who isn’t used to not feeling well when I’m not with another person. It’s only that the other girls are dormant. They’re simply uninteresting. And you’re so talented!”

Despite their romantic love story, Cusimano was the target of headlines accusing him of having affairs and partying at a swing club. Articles at the time suggested that the marriage was on the verge of divorce due to rumors of his adultery.

According to another publication, Cusimano went to a swing club without Ray and was accompanied by female acquaintances. According to an insider, the lawyer would make his way to the backroom and would not take showers alone.

By staying strong and together over the years, the couple proved that all the books were wrong. Ray feels she and Cusimano are inseparable since they have been together for decades.

The couple also did not marry until they were nearly in their forties, indicating that they had previously been through a lot in life and were confident in who they were and their relationship.

Ray and Cusimano each give each other as much space as possible to be themselves. While they like spending time together, they are also quite excellent at remaining quiet and allowing each other time to pursue their own interests.

Ray and Cusimano, like any other married couple, have faced their fair share of difficulties. Regardless of their ups and downs, they stay grateful for their lives. If Ray had one thing to say about it, it was this:

“At the end of the day, John and I are always appreciative.”


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