She’s still as slim and lovely as she was 30 years ago. Sharon Stone, 65, stepped out in a gown without her underwear.

Despite her personal problems, the celebrity does not miss important events. She is open about her struggles and demonstrates her un-breakability with every fiber of her being.

Sharon Stone, a well-known Hollywood actress, celebrated her 65th birthday in March. In addition, it is difficult to believe. She is stunning, as thin and fit as ever, and she still smiles as brightly as she did thirty years ago.

We only recently noticed the celebrity at a fundraiser for women’s cancer research. Sharon then looked stunning in a fitted khaki gown studded with stones.

She did, however, receive a prize for her participation in the event a short time later. The celebrity then delivered a thank-you speech. During the lecture, Stone encouraged the audience to give.

Despite having recently lost half of her savings, she continues to give to those in need. «I understand what’s going on, but it takes guts.» «I just lost half my money due to bank problems, but I’m still here,» the actress said, implying she was a customer of the failed Silicon Valley Bank.


With such difficulties, the actress is dealing with them using unconventional methods — simply ignore the problems and go about your business. As a result, she accepted an invitation to a Los Angeles event commemorating the 50th anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War at the Hollywood Legion Theater. and arrived on the red carpet in style.

The actress wore a stunning red pantsuit with a cape on one side of the wide pants and a naked blazer. Where Stone had a tiny gold lock to match his sandals in place of a jacket button. The jewelry, which appeared to be a large pendant strung on a black ribbon, accentuated the cleavage area. Sharon wore a simple hairstyle, pink lip accents, clear-lens aviator glasses, and gold hoops in her ears.


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