Toby Keith is dejected. He is unable to accept his lifetime achievement award due to his battle with cancer

Toby Keith Unable to Accept Award Due to Stomach Cancer Battle
In a recent video, Toby Keith expressed his regret over being unable to accept an award in person due to his ongoing fight against stomach cancer. The country singer took to social media to inform his followers that he wouldn’t be able to attend The SabesWings’ Second Annual Strike Out Fundraiser to receive his lifetime achievement award due to ongoing cancer treatments.

A Virtual Acceptance
During The SabesWings’ second annual Strike Out fundraiser held in Paso Robles, California, Toby Keith was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Despite his absence, he graciously accepted the award virtually and conveyed his gratitude to the organization and his followers.

“I’m happy to receive the SabesWings lifetime achievement award. I apologize for not being able to attend the event personally. It has been a challenging year as I’ve been fighting cancer myself,” Keith, 61, shared in a video message.

Recognizing SabesWings’ Criteria
Toby Keith went on to express his appreciation for “all the folks at SabesWings” and shed light on the criteria used to select individuals for this honor.

“Bret and Kandace select individuals for this distinction based on three criteria: service to a group of people in need, making a difference in the lives of others, and the common thread of working cooperatively with other organizations having a goal and passion,” Keith explained, referring to the event’s hosts, former MLB all-star Bret Saberhagen and his wife, Kandace.

SabesWings’ Impact and Fundraising Success
The SabesWings charity, dedicated to assisting cancer patients with their medical expenses, achieved remarkable success with its fundraising event. The organization received a generous donation of $1,046,000, ensuring that those in need of financial support for cancer treatment could benefit from their services.

The Toby Keith Foundation’s Support
Keith also highlighted the valuable assistance provided by his own nonprofit organization, the Toby Keith Foundation, which operates the OK Kids Korral in Oklahoma City. The facility offers lodging, meals, and transportation to children with cancer and their families who require treatment at the nearby Children’s Hospital.


“We established the foundation to lessen that burden. It truly is a dream come true,” Keith proudly stated.

Support and Encouragement from Fans
Throughout this challenging period, Toby Keith has been uplifted by the outpouring of love and support from his fans. The comments section of his video is filled with heartfelt messages and prayers.

One follower expressed, “I attended three or four of your concerts and genuinely enjoyed them. I wish you a speedy recovery. You are an amazing performer! Dear Jesus, son of God, hear my prayers, please carry this man in your arms, I beg for peace and healing. AMEN. TOBY, SURVIVE.”

Another follower shared their own cancer story, saying, “Sending thoughts for you and others who are facing cancer. Three years have passed since I lost my fiancé this month. God bless you everyone, I pray.”

Keith’s Battle with Cancer
In June, Toby Keith revealed his diagnosis of stomach cancer and the subsequent treatments he had undergone, including chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery. Despite the challenges, he remained optimistic and grateful for the support of his loved ones and fans.

Keith took to Instagram to express his need for personal time to recuperate and rejuvenate, stating, “I require some space to breathe, heal, and rest. I eagerly anticipate spending quality time with my cherished ones. However, I’ll undoubtedly reconnect with my fans in the near future. Waiting is proving to be difficult.”

While we have concerns about the potential travel challenges that Keith’s cancer battle may pose in the future, we draw strength from the overwhelming support exhibited by his fans as he courageously fights for his life. We kindly request your prayers as Keith continues his valiant battle against cancer.


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