Bus driver holding a boy’s hand doesn’t seem a big deal until police see it and decide to respond

Getting separated from the parents can be a dreadful experience for any child, so going to school all by themselves is very stressful for many kids, especially at the beginning when they are not used to that new chapter of their life. When sweet Axel Johnson was about to start school, he seemed very thrilled. His mother Amy took a photo of him and he was all smiles as he was waiting for the school bus to arrive!

But as the time came for him to get on board, his face changed and he was about to cry. Obviously, little Axel wasn’t as strong as he though he would be when he had to separate from his mommy. The bus driver, Isabel Lane, noticed the change from happy to sad on Axel’s face, but she was determined to show him that there was nothing scary in riding the bus and attending school with a lot more children his age!

As Axel sat in the seat behind her, Isabel put her hand behind her back, and Axel clung to her hand. Amy managed to capture a very sweet moment on camera. Isabel demonstrated that she was more than just a driver; she cared about the children’s happiness. She wanted Axel to know that even though his mother wasn’t present, he could always count on her on the bus. Her performance reassured the terrified boy that everything would be fine.


Amy thought the photo of her son and the bus driver was so cute that she decided to share it on Facebook. She expected people to like it, but she had no idea it would receive so many positive comments. The photo was even shared by the local police department, garnering over 2,400 reactions. Isabel was surprised by the compliments she received. “I didn’t think it was all that big of a deal.” “I suppose this is something I would do,” she admitted.

But it was significant. The next day, Axel was no longer afraid because he knew he had a friend in Isabel. He was all smiles and excited to be starting a new adventure. Axel now looks forward to each new day at school, thanks in large part to Isabel. The entire story can be seen in the video below. Don’t forget to share it with your family and friends; perhaps it will inspire someone to do something good.


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