Woman Sells All Of Cheating Husband’s Things In Yard Sale While He’s Away With Mistress.

It’s heartbreaking to be betrayed by someone you care about. When a lady learns that her husband has cheated on her, she may feel a range of emotions, including wrath, jealousy, and grief. In this story a wife finds out her husband has been cheating on her. Read the story to know what she decided to do.

While her husband was supposedly out for the weekend with his ‘floozie,’ the wife sold her husband’s belongings at a yard deal. She wrote in an advert on the Canadian pages of classifieds site Craigslist that she wants the house vacant on Monday when he returns since that would be a shock for him to see.

‘Husband left us for a piece of garbage […] Selling everything and moving house following 10 years of marriage.’ Tools that her husband ‘had no idea how to operate’ were made available for purchase beside his beloved red leather theater-style sofas with recliners at their property near the seaside in White Rock, near Vancouver.

‘He also has a brand new sliding glass door that he never had fitted.’ Purchasers could likewise browse a ping pong table, a foosball table, furnishings, workmanship, garden pots, athletic equipment and electrical apparatuses.

However, the accused cheat’s clothing was not for sale since ‘we will have already burnt those in the driveway,’ however bidders were allowed to inspect the mound of ashes for no additional price.


She warned purchasers not to show up too early, a sneaky jab at her husband’s sexual prowess, since she’d been drinking wine with her pals the prior night and would most certainly be hungover.

‘So, please talk softly to the sunglasses-wearing females.’

The deal gave house searchers an opportunity to see the property before it went on the market the following week, advertised as a “two-story, ocean view corner home near schools and parks. A fantastic home built for pleasure and family.’

Lora Anjos, a family and estates lawyer in Vancouver, explained that the proceeds from the sale might be counted as assets in divorce proceedings.

In most cases, a court will compel both parties to account for all they own before deciding who gets what.

The lady closed down her ad on a hopeful note: ‘Life is too short to squander time, My eyes were placed at the front of my head by God for a reason. I am looking forward to moving forward!’

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